Friday, 9 July 2010

2 more storage units.............

We have finally finished designing two more storage units.  These ones are revolving units that can either sit on your desk or be put on a shelf.  They come virtually constructed and have a lazy susan bearing fitted to the bottom.

The first is the 36 ink pad revolving storage unit.  This measures up at 295mm x 176mm x 370mm high.  It is constructed from 6mm MDF and the shelves are cut from 2250 micron greyboard.  It comes undecorated ready for you to do your creative thing with it!  These units are now released for sale on the Tando Creative retail site HERE.

The second revolving storage unit comes in 3 options of 1, 2 or 3 tiers.  Made entirely from MDF and is supplied fully constructed.  A good size at 280mm in diameter and each tier is 90mm high...there are four sections to a tier.  Again, these come competely undecorated.

Of to be expected....the contents are not included.

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Leigh said...

GORGEOUS!!! i need one!!!