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Sunday, 11 August 2013


as this weeks theme closes we introduce to you Carol Fox who is our Guest Designer for the month of August - I suspect that a lot of you will know Carol and her gorgeous art as she is on several very popular DT's ....keep a look out for future projects coming from Carol...

For this weeks theme Carol has created this lovely carousel:-

this is what Carol has to say:-

Title : Your Soul to Ride

The theme this week is Summer Holidays. I live in a seaside town and each year the circus comes to town for a week and then the week after this we have a travelling fair in the same spot on the green. We also have a town pier which has a permanent fair on it, including a lovely set of very old gallopers. I will always remember the excitement that all these things brought to my daughter when she was younger, so to me a carousel is a classic summer memory, so of course I just had to have the Carousel Tando set to alter.

I have gone with a circus theme to my make.

Dare you ride the evil Ringmaster’s carousel, The Pegasus captured as foals frozen on the carousel until an unsuspecting soul rides them, then they break free from their place and fly you to the darkest depths of the earth where you will live forever in torment and fear.

Hear the song of the siren captured and held captive on the whirling prison and your free will is lost forever.

The trapeze artist swinging from the star light sky, who will never feel solid ground under her feet again.

The evil clown, ready to entice unsuspecting children to ride on the spinning carousel.

I used lots of paint and ink to alter the carousel to a darker theme, than the usual bright and sunny theme that you tend to see with this type of kit. Using a stencil to give it go faster strips round the base, to try and achieve a spinning appearance.
I hope you like it I had great fun playing with it.

I used
4 Horse Carousel
Steampunk wings and cogs set (Pegasus wings)
Mask: Dotted Star
Andy Skinner Mask: Burning Rubber

If anyone wants to know the details of the stamps I have used, I have these listed on the post on my own blog

Carol x


Coco said...

Gorgeous Carousel!! I love especially the delicate impression of Dotted Star over horses, and the use of wings... Can't wait to see all the other makes from Carol here!:) x

Kaz said...

This is stunning Carol. I love the addition of the wings. Love it xx

Karen Gist said...

Oh Carol, this is amazing work! Love the write up too. So looking forward to seeing more from you my lovely x

roc said...

this is wonderful! love it.

Irit Shalom said...

So lovely!