Monday, 24 March 2014

Frame it….

A new week and a new theme and this week our theme is:-


Tando creative have a fantastic range of frames - to kick start the week I'm (Carol) using this "love frame with stand"

This frame is still a "WIP" as my niece gets married this year and I intend to add a montage of photos from the day in the middle for her….the frame comes with a blank base plate (which I painted black), then a solid cut out (the heart shapes were painted red and the outer edges black - the hearts then had hearts stencilled over the top with a deeper red - you can just make this out on the top heart), then the top piece is the cut out edges for the hearts (painted black) - I then added red treasure gold to all the edges to finish it off.  The frame was treated in the same way.

We have some great pieces all week, so do pop on back….

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