Sunday, 15 October 2017

Same but different ~ by Gez

Hi! Good morning!

Gez here and I am delighted to be taking part in the same but different challenge this week as you will know if you've been popping by the blog this week the design team have been sharing their creations using the same [Shrine 1] Tando Creative kit.

The shrine comes flat packed but don't worry! Construction is easy giving a finished overall size of approx. 100mm x 70mm x 145mm tall. Laser cut from sturdy thick greyboard. A dream to work with and as the design team have shown there are just so, so many possibilities with this shrine. 

Here is a de-construction of the pieces decorated, drying and ready to be assembled.. 

 Finished shrine.. 

 ..side view.. don't forget to paint the under side of your pieces.. like me!

Thank you for calling and leaving a comment if you get the chance.

 Have a great autumn! Gez ♥

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