Monday, 9 July 2018

Domino Week!

Hellooooo, I am kicking off this *Domino* week with an altered photograph frame.  One of those cheapy 5x7inch wooden frames!  With the greyboard domino's being so reasonable priced at 10 for £1.40 you could afford to do this with lots of frames as gifts.

The wooden frame was painted in a matching colour before I glued the domino's to various matching papers.  They were cut out and glued around the frame.  You could leave it at this point and pop a photograph in :-D  But I decided to make it into a picture so I disgarded the glass into the recycle bin.
The card that was behind the glass was painted in blues and greens before adding *weathered wood* then white acrylic to form the lovely crackly finish.  The stamp has been paper pieced and painted before attaching.  I then added the word *Reflect* which is one of the many words that Tando cut.

Thank you for looking today and do leave a comment as we do love to see them, take care, Karen xxx

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Gina said...

This is soo cool! I had no idea they made board Dominos...great project :D XXX