Friday, 23 November 2018

The original Trio of wax tags

Hi everyone Dee here with the other two tags were done at the same time as the winged one.
I am in the middle of packing for MOM really excited to be seeing everyone. Always think I am going to behave at this one, it never happens I blame that Suz! but I do try.

I used 3 different sized tags, scribbling, Stamping, beloved deco Art media acrylics and oil pastils.

Here you can see the scribbling that I did prior to applying the wax the circles were done after the wax had been applied then a white oil pastil was used to highlight the circles. I used metal tools to carve into the wax then Raw umber was rubbed into the patterns created.

For the embellishments i used my fav triple embossing.
Have a fab weekend!
Cheers Dee 

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