Sunday, 4 September 2011

Cool and trendy lo with cool an trendy mask from Tando!

This is my first time to use this Tando Creative Random Circles Mask and I  used some different techniques all in one- not just misting , but dabbing  some distress inks over the mask and over the misted parts.I think it's cool technique for my DDIL cool pregnancy photo and it's all about trends..
It's very trendy here in Israel to make this studio book of your pregnancy, very expensive too-LOL..
It's very trendy to wear your 7 th grade outfits during you pregnancy.. Don't know  why.. It's very trendy to use masks on  your layouts too.. Birdies are trendy.. Circles are trendy too.. Tando chipbards are the most trendy.. So I even made a list of 5 trends on this page..
And here is a mask I love so much!!You should get it- it's the best mask ever!!

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Kaz said...

Gorgeous Irit, I love that mask too x