Saturday, 28 November 2020

Project: Artist in Residence - from Celia’s studio

 Hi there Tando Tribe

As my Residency is drawing to a close, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to. I did some actual art! Both are done on watercolour paper, one is 8x8 and one is 10x8 inches. 

The first one started out as a few bits of collage and some messy underpainting. I used some scraps of gelli printing for the collage.

I thought it would end up as a landscape to I stuck some more paper down the middle. These started to become mountains, so with more layers of paint and more paper, it became a mountain landscape. Most of the paint was applied with my fingers - my new favourite way of painting. I was influenced here by Roxanne Evans Stout - go check her out, she has a lovely style

The next one I thought of on a dog walk. It’s a little lane right by our house that was lit up glowing yellow in the autumn sun. That was lots of layers, mostly with fingers again. Still needs a bit of tweaking.

I also painted a plant pot that was gold. It’s just Decoart chalk paint and Crackle Medium and I’m really chuffed with how it came out.

I still have a million and one half started projects that I’m trying to finish, but they will have to wait for another week. So, as we approach the end of Lockdown 2.0, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. I might just continue my Artist in Residency, I quite like it up here!

Keep safe arteests,

Celia x

Retro Christmas- Fiona Randall


Morning all Fiona here with my post for Retro Week.

 I have created a Retro Christmas wall plaque using the fabulous Tando Grey Board sheets,Tando Alpha Sheet Industrial Elements frame and some die cut Stars from Tando Grey Board to boot.

Utilising DecoArt Chalky finish paints and Media Fluid Acrylics along with some Stampendous embossing powders and some Retro Stamps from my stash the Tando Grey Board sheets were the perfect substrate for this project.

Thanks for stopping by today
Stay Safe
Fiona xx



Ranger Archival Ink- Potting Soil

Stazon Ink- Forest Green

Tim Holtz 3d Impresslits- Radiant

Sizzix Bigz Die- Stars

Retro Stamps- my own stash

Friday, 27 November 2020

Retro by Dee

Hi everyone Dee here with my post for Retro week, I hope you are all keeping safe and managing to get some craft time in. 

I have gone right out of my comfort zone with this tag using Tim Holtz stamps and Cosmic Shimmer pigment paint and matt paint. Andy skinners transfers from Creative Expressions.

A Tando Tag was the perfect substrate for this project.
Thank you for popping by
Keep Safe!
Cheers Dee x


Monday, 23 November 2020

Retro Ideas Folder

 Hi everyone 

A rare sighting of Di here....I’ve actually been enjoying a little creative time.

I’ve used the A6 Covers Pack for this project. I tore up an old box and cut it onto sections to use on one of the covers. First I painted the pieces of corrugated board in red and cream. I stuck them on the cover and gave them a once over with a Raw Umber wash, I also added some to the edges.

I then stamped the word Ideas and added it to the oval board piece and glued this to the front.

The rest is covered in red paper and gold elastic was used to add the pages 😄

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Project: Artist in Residence - from Jan's Loft

Happy Saturday Evening Tando-ettes,

Hope all you artists in residence are keeping well.  We are all keeping safe in the Tando Underground Bunker for the Creatively Insane, but I must admit, this week, I've had a mind numbing migraine that eased to a simple blinding headache by Wednesday, but that threw my creativity to the ground and gave it a damn good smothering! It was not nice! However I did get a couple of deliveries that cheered me up enough to get my act together and helped me finish a couple of W.I.P. The problem with migraines is that they affect your eyes (light, focus, concentration all get slammed), so you cant do much for long, and forget looking at a screen!

So, my deliveries were... some squares of textured wallpaper for mark making, from my teamie and fellow Seth Apter groupie, Celia. We use them like stamps and were an unexpected treat. Believe me, for textured stamping they work brilliantly!

The other delivery was some acrylic inks that I've been wanting to try for ages. Here's the colours I got... they are soooooo gorgeous...

I mentioned finished projects: I'm a fan of crochet. Ive taught myself with the aid of youtube videos, and can sit and crochet for hours. I've just finished this buff, just in time for the drop in temperature today. So easy to make (let me know if you want me to link this really easy to follow pattern).

The second project I finished is a lesson from LifeBook 2020 run by LifeBook is a year long project that has lots of tutorials, some in depth and some more a guide to creating, in lots of different areas of art. I can highly recommend it. Its been perfect for this lockdown year. Here was my piece (taught by Lisa Oxley).  Di posted that we'll be running a new '24 Technique Tags' in the new year, and I'll be adapting what I've learned here in to one of those tag sessions (this one is made on a big piece of Tando Greyboard), because we all love a fb live session right?

Well thats me done for this week. Now my head has cleared I can get back to the million and one ideas I have floating round in there! Is it any wonder I'm forever starting projects but am terrible at finishing them!

Stay safe my friends, and keep checking the blog and the Tando fb pages for inspiration, and please don't be shy to join in with the Artists In Residence shinanigans. Lets keep each other inspired.



A Touch of Christmas for Anything Goes

Hi everyone I hope you are all keeping safe and are not to worn down by the restrictions. I have created a Christmas's tag for my project this week.

Using a Tando creative tag I gave it a coat of Gesso followed by sparkle paste from #creativeexpressions and #Tandostencils mini snowflake. I also used a large snowflake from Tando which I gave a coat of gesso followed by sparkle paste. Once it was all dry I spritzed with Airless misters from #Cosmicshimmer fabulous sprays.

Thats all for now folks stay safe 
Cheers Dee x


Friday, 13 November 2020

Crackle by Dee

Hi everyone Dee here with my post for Crackle week. I hope you are all keeping safe and are not getting stir crazy with the latest lockdown. I have taken to walking every day. I and am so excited that next month we will be having a new member of the family join us it is a Springador puppy who will be joining me on my walks when she is old enough. I begged pleaded even shed a tear to be allowed this lovely pup so really can't wait. 

This is my piece for this weeks theme crackle I used one of Tando's long tags love these tags.
I stamped x 2 the flower from Tim holtz dearly departed stamp set and used his tissue paper. I stuck it all down with collage medium and gave it all a coat of medium.

I can't remember where the butterfly stamp was from but thought it set it off rather nicely. I used a antiquing cream of brown from stampendous then followed with a patina one from Deco art over the whole tag. I knocked it all back with a soft cloth wetting it in places.

A close up of the crackle.

I gave it all a touch of bling with some treasure gold. I hope you all have enjoyed my piece thank you for popping over to check it out.
Keep safe 
Cheers Dee x


Monday, 9 November 2020

Project: Artist in Residence

Hi there fellow artists! Celia here.

This whole 'Artists in Residence' idea came from an article in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, by one of my art inspirations - Seth Apter. He went to Taos in New Mexico to immerse himself in art and just create stuff. I thought this second lockdown would be the perfect time to do the same. When life gives you lemons, and all that.

So I was working on a small matchbox and that has become the first piece in my ‘installation’. Pretentious, moi? It has been well and truly Sethed, if that is a verb. Lots of layers, paint, stencils, stamping, embossing powder... So much so that the little book is too fat for the drawer. Oh well.

I’ve also made a door for my sign, which is, of course, purple. 

What’s next, I hear you ask? Who knows. I might even finish off one of my (many) unfinished projects. Most likely though is that I will start something new. I am ready to immerse myself in art now and see what happens as I dive into the pool of creativity. 

Sunday, 8 November 2020

Lest we forget…...

 Good Morning tandoettes on this bright and fresh Sunday Morning (still, just!) - we have just got back from laying a wreath for Rememberance Sunday, what a different experience that was today.

This week has been our colour week here at Tandon Creative, and following on with my theme for 2020, here are my 366 folder and files for November:-

…and this was the colour palette for this month:-

I hope those that joined us for the 366 challenge are still enjoying the daily prompts.  Who would have thought when we started this back in January how 2020 would have turned out, we still have 2 months left… 

Take care and stay safe


Saturday, 7 November 2020

Project: Lockdown #2 (or Project: Artist in Residence)

Happy Saturday evening creative creatures. How do you like the titles? mmmmm a work in progress perhaps...

Here at the Tando Underground Bunker for the creatively insane, we've been coming up with ideas to keep everyone crafting and creating while we are all staying safe at home. While we all have a stash of craft goodies, we don't always remember what we wanted to do with them by the time we get them home! Or remember what the last workshop we attended showed us how to do... but it sounded good at the time right?

We think we may have come up with a solution... bear with us, as, like the title, its an evolving project, and we hope that you will be as much a part of the evolution as us... we'd love to hear your ideas too, but more of that in a mo...

The initial ideas are these:

- become your own artist in residence and use the time at home to immerse yourself as an artist.

- Have a temporary (or permenant) Installation. i.e. somewhere to see/honour/appreciate/enjoy your art. A simple shelf, window sill, a wall, the corner of the sideboard.

- Make something using what you have already in your stash, with influences from wherever you like - the DT, each other or other artists/creators.

- this project is intended to be short term, so no pressure. Take part or just read the blog and fb pages, entirely your choice.

- we aren't just talking about paint here. If you want to make and share something in clay go for it, if you want to play with soft fabrics or sketch something or play with watercolour, do that too.  Create and use what calls to you, share it if you want to.

- if you, the creator, has an idea, shout it out. If you want to know how something is done, ask. Challenge your comfort zone. We might even do a couple of lives if they don't exist already 👍

Celia and I (Jan) will be starting off this Saturday evening blog, but any of the DT team and Di could be jumping in at any time with their thoughts/ideas/projects.

But we want to hear from you too. So if you have a blog, feel free to give a little intro and post a link to it on the Facebook group: Tando Creative Zone. We'll be tagging this page from the fb groups once the weekly post is live.

Let's keep each others spirits lifted during this very different year 💜

Project #1 : create an 'Artist in Residence' plaque for your door/back of your chair/ tshirt 👍

Here's mine.

And this is my ‘Installation’ where I will keep my pieces for the month. A little shelf in my craft room (spot the Comfy Pyjama Retreat projects already there?)

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Colour Theme with a twist by Jan

Hello, were you a 'Jarma Llama' last month? What a fantastic creative time we had 💜. If you didn't join in this year, maybe you'd like to join us for the next one? Keep tuning in to be the first to see dates and booking details...

This weeks colour theme really appealed to me. Purple and all it’s tones, however as I sat and thought about my project something completely different began to emerge! Hopefully you’ll of seen the matchboxes that Di launched on Hocahanda last week and from Celia’s project on the amazing 'Comfy Pyjamas Retreat’... I couldn't wait to have a play with the smallest one...

I assembled the matchbox and gave it a dark coat of chalk paint, then rubbed on some resist paint and then a top coat in a paler colour of the chalk paint. When it dried I rubbed back where I'd put the resist medium, so that it gave a worn paint look. I did the same with the drawer and one of the thin greyboard pages. Stamping a Chocolate Baroque background stamp with some versafine ink I heat embossed some powder and let that all cool and dry properly, covered everything in some crackle glaze and when dried rubbed in some white antiquing cream, which was also rubbed back before using crackle paste for the word. Phew!

The wings and the little bird skull are resin from my stash, painted and grunged up with waxes and some stippled paint, some scraps of fabric and a metal embellie were all added to some scrap greyboard (to give it height) and stuck on with some heavy duty goo.

Here's what i was supposed to be working towards! Creativity sometimes takes you down a completely different track doesn't it 😅

What I used:

from my stash:

Resin and metal pieces, pieces of fabric, beads.

Thanks for stopping by 👍