Tuesday, 5 July 2022

Hexi Tuesday - Hexi-Tag by Bernadette


Good Evening Everyone,

I've had quite a bit going on at home, work then holidays over the past couple of months and haven't been able to make as much with Tando products as I would like.  So when I decided to settle down and make this tag, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I had bought some Andy Skinner rice papers and knew they would be a perfect match with a Tando grey board tag (I used a size 10 tag, my favourite size, for this project) and some hexis from the bag of solids and frames 



I started by choosing the hexis I thought were the right size for my tag. I chose 2 solids the same size then a smaller one with a frame (not sure you can see very well in this picture, but the smaller one with the frame is the one in the middle)

Then came the boring bit, painting everything with gesso.  It's a good thing it dries so fast, I'm really impatient and bad at letting things dry properly but I wanted to make sure the colours on the rice paper stayed vibrant and I find that using gesso underneath rice paper is the best way to go.

I then painted the little hexi frame with black paint and added the rice paper to the tag and the solid hexis.  To adhere the rice paper to the tag and hexis, I used distress collage medium with a brush.

To add a bit of texture to the corners of the tag and some of the hexi corners, I used Tim Holtz transluscent grit paste.  The top photo of the 2 above show the grit paste just after it was applied - it is white and dries clear.  The second photo shows a hexi when the grit paste is dry and I have added some ground espresso and bronze distress crayon.  I also added some rub ons,

I sprayed a piece of ivory cardstock with a mix of distress sprays to use for die cutting.  I used weathered wood, rusty hinge, vintage photo distress ink sprays and added some uncharted mariner oxide spray.  I then did some die cutting using Tim Holtz Sizzix cogs and numbers dies.

I had a play around with everything I was using for the tag before deciding where I was going to stick everything down.  I added some Tim Holtz ephemera gauge pieces and a photo booth picture.

Final touches were the addition of the rusty wire through the tag hole and adding some vintage photo ink to the edges of everything before it was stuck down.

I would love to see anything you create if you have been inspired to have a play with a tag and some hexis.

Bye for now

Bernadette xxx

Sunday, 3 July 2022

"A" Size Book Covers



"A" Sized Book Covers and Pre Drilled Spines

Set of hexagons

PVA Wood Adhesive

Scrapbook paper, graph paper, scrap paper



Bee print outs for decoration

Large needle


I began by choosing my papers. I had a collection of scrap book papers that i just love. It has a nature theme of flowers and bee's and i knew it would go great on this series of little books.

I lay the covers and spine out on a piece of paper for each one with a slight gap between the spine to allow for the bend and closing. I then trimmed and sanded around the edges. I used a awl to poke through the pre made holes again.. I used patterned paper to cover the inside of the covers but i left the spine blank.

I used bees and hexagons to decorate the outside of the covers. The eagle eyed amongst you may notice the tags i made for Hex Tuesday earlier in the year using the same papers which i used to embellish the larger books

I made signatures from scrapbook papers, old graph paper, scrap paper etc to make little junk journal type books. I used the pre drilled holes in my spines as guides for the holes. Having the holes already made is so much easier when it comes to the binding process, thanks Di xx

To finish i added beads to my thread. I had intended to document our summer holidays and garden  adventures but my daughter has stolen the books already. Looks like i will be making another set soon 


Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Hex Tex Tuesday- Abstract Wall Art- Fiona Randall


Welcome back for another Hex Tex Tuesday.

I love abstract art so decided to create a simple wall panel using the hexagons in a Monochromatic style.

I cut a Panel measuring 8x8ins from a Tando Grey Board Sheet and gave it a coat of DecoArt Chalky Finish in Carbon to both sides of the panel. Once dry I gave both sides of the panel a coat of DecoArt Ultra Matte varnish to seal and protect the chalky finish.
For this project I used 7 of the  hexagons . 

I gave all the hexagons a coat of DecoArt Media Tinting  base and dried with a heat tool.
Once dry I stamped all the hexagons with textures from Chocolate Baroque's Harlequin Fragments Rubber Stamp Set with Black Archival Ink.
I cut one of the hexagons as shown in the diagram below.

I drew a line from corner to corner left to right and then right to left.
As you will see you end up with a cross and have two diamond and two triangle shapes.
Cut along the cross lines with a ruler and a craft knife.

Next up arrange your hexagons onto the panel as shown.
To finish add a sentiment strip if desired.
I chose to go with a Monochromatic theme but this would look just as good using a riot of colour. The possibilities are endless.
A quick and easy project that would look great on any wall in your home or studio.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read


Friday, 24 June 2022

Tando Advent Winter Lodge Box by Art Angel x


Today I have another Tando Advent Box for you to complete and add to your Collection
This one has been decorated using rice paper with text over the top,
Simple but very pretty

First lay all your pieces out so you know which bit goes where, then glue together using a good PVA glue

You will have enough components to make a drawer and a box for the drawer to slide into

Once assembled, base coat using DecorArt Lace Chalk paint

I had some rice paper elements in my stash that i wanted to use to decorate my box, the elements were round going on to a square box but that didn't bother me as the very nature of rice paper allows for almost seamless adhesion

Use a wet paint brush or water brush to go around your design then gently pull apart where you want your rice paper to tear, the nature of rice paper means that your edges will be feathered this means the edges almost get lost when stuck down

Make sure you have enough pieces to cover all the panels you want decorated, the circles above will do the front of my drawer and the inside back panel of my drawer

These pieces will do the top and two sides of my box

Adhere the rice paper to the drawer by covering the panels and the reverse of the rice paper with DecoArt Matte Medium, then marry the two wet surfaces together, this gives you a little bit of slip and slide which helps if you find you have creases to get out.
With a soft brush, smooth from the centre of your design towards the outside edges, removing any air bubbles or creases, another light coat of Matte Medium over the top will seal your design

Once dry, i laid a text stencil over the drawer front, top and sides of my box and spread transparent gel medium through it using a palette knife, again i left this to completely dry.
I used Decorart Fluid Acrylic Gold Paint on a very dry brush to highlight all edges and over the raised surface of the gel medium to bring out the detail of the text.

These little boxes make great projects and gifts for all occasions, are ideal for kickstarting a lost mojo or for when crafting time is limited, keep some in your stash you never know when you may need one, they are perfect beginner pieces too for anyone new to this style of crafting x x

I used 
Rice paper
Text stencil

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Hex Tech Tuesday - Freedom by Kim

 I'm trying something a bit abstract this time. I hope you like it.


From the Tando Creative Hexagon set I used 3 x 3.5mm hexs, and 3 x 5mm hexs (that's length of the sides)

I started with the cage. For the bars I used clean bamboo sticks from a room infuser (the thing that has smelly oil in the bottom and sticks poking out to make the room smell nice). I drilled holes (as shown) in two of the 3.5mm hexs to take the bamboo sticks. The sticks were a bit too long so I cut them to 8cm. Before I glued them in I bent and broke two of them to allow the butterflies to escape.

Next stage was to glue the remaining ten sticks in place. I put them all in one hex then lined up the second hex to complete the cage. I glued the third 3.5mm hex on the top to cover the drill holes. I added some washers and rivets left over from Tando's Industrial Elements kit to decorate the top of the cage.

The stand is made from a piece of cardboard tube cut from a cooking foil roll. I wanted the whole thing to be skew-if, so I cut the bottom at an angle, and the top at an angle but not matching the bottom angle (see picture). I stuck the cut piece on a large hex. All was set aside to dry while I arranged the butterflies.

I took 11 butterflies from a set of Tando Mini Butterflies. I used six, three matching pairs, attached to a pile of four washers from Industrial Elements, to make a firm base section. The remaining butterflies were arranged as if flying out of the cage, their wing tips were glued together with PVA.

Before I assembled the sections I painted them. I used black and white for everything except the cage bars and escaping butterflies.

The cage floor was painted with a harlequin diamond shape, as was the top hex base. I feel there is something sinister about the design. The two remaining large hexs are painted one black, and one white.

The tube support for the cage was painted Lamp Black. When dry a coat of DecoArt Weathered Wood was applied and allowed to dry. White was painted over that to give the lovely crackle finish.

The cage bars are painted with Venetian Gold. The escaping butterflies are stippled with bright colours - I used yellow, green, red and blue, with the top two having gold edges to their wings. The three pairs of butterflies not escaping from the cage are painted black, with Zinc (grey) and white lightly dry brushed on to add texture.

Assembly (not the sort we had at the start of our school day!)

Glue the two large hexs under the base section. Make each one twisted slightly out of alignment, black on the bottom, white next.

Glue the dark and coloured butterfly sections together at the wings, making sure they fit nicely in the cage. When they are dry glue them in the opening of the cage. I added a bit of support by glueing the wing to the top of the cage. Allow to dry.

The broken cage bars can now be added, arranged to look like they have burst open. It is a bit fiddly and you will need to support each bit until the glue has set - might be worth using a solvent, quick drying glue here.

Last is to glue the cage to the stand, sit back and admire your handiwork!

I hope you enjoyed this Hex Tech. Thanks for stopping by!


Tando Creative Hexagons

Tando Creative Mini Butterflies

Bamboo sticks, or similar

DecoArt Americana Colours

DecoArt Weathered Wood