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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Rust week

Hi it's Brenda here finishing off the RUST week and haven't we seen some fabulous projects showing how rust effects can be used for different projects?
I have used a tag I started at Stitches last weekend and if you take a peek at the end you will see how different it looks rusted up.

I had been demoing layered backgrounds and finished off with some crackle paste and one of Andy's new stamps.

I used a little of the stampendous chunky metallic EP on the arch window and experimented with some sand texture paste between the crackle.

Next came the fun bit with rusting it. I sealed the arch and brickwork with matte medium so I could wipe off any paints I didn't want on this area and then set about dabbing over raw umber, paynes grey and yellow oxide media acrylics. It looks a bit messy .....

.... but with rust in a bottle aka quinacridone gold I started adding washes and spritzes of water and was quite happy when I got to this point.

But there's always a but isn't there? There wasn't enough contrast for me, so I just spent a little time dabbling small amounts of the colours and spritzing with water again. I introduced a little prussian blue hue and I darkened the edges more. I also ran a little of the colours over the window and through the embossing. Then and only then was I feeling even happier. As I say to my students 'beauty is in the detail'.

To finish I raided a drawer where I keep lots of left over 'rusted' elements and chose some simple pieces to pull it all together.

And there it is looking nothing like it did at the beginning.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed looking at all the team's amazing rusty projects.

hugs Brenda xxx

Friday, 23 February 2018

Rust Week: Vintage Mini Book

Hi all, Hannah here with a rust inspired project!

The cute mini book has been created as a project for the Tando Creative Retreat in Norwich 24th and 25th February. At which I will be teaching this as an evening class.

The book has been aged using several layer techniques, incorporating DecoArt Chalky Finish Paints and Media Fluid Acrylics for the washes. While many of my projects contain rusted elements such as cogs and book plates, I wanted to create something to show rust stains can be used as an effective background too.

To add to the vintage vibe of this piece, I have included lace and old photographs. These give a more feminine feel to the design.

I am looking forward to sharing this workshop and the rusty background techniques!

Hannah x

List of products used;

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Hi everyone! Dee here with my rust post for this weeks challenge. Those of you who know my work will know this is one of my favourite effects to recreate. This time though I used Pentart rust effect powder and regents and I must say I am pretty happy with the results. I also made my home made tissue paper with Stamparama stamps and used that on tag 2 and 3.


Tag 1
Firstly I painted the tag with Relic chalk paint next I used iron paste mixed with a few art stones at the base of a size 7 tag that had been cut and gouged with a craft knife. Next I used the iron powder over this and followed with the reagents liquids.

 I used a small amount of mica fragments to enhance the rust. Once developed I then used weather wood over the top part of the tag, once dry I then followed with Everlasting chalk paint and waited for it to crack. Using a small heart out of Tando's new heart collection I put dimensional paste on it then painted it and blinged it up with Treasure gold. Finally Hannah Oxberry's rusty wire wound in a circle around the heart.

Tag 2
The same as tag 1 but a sprinkling of sand glitter in the wet paint and a compass and another design of my handmade tissue paper.

Tag 3
Covered entirely with hand made tissue paper adhered to the tag with Matt medium if you look closely you can see flashed of gold and splashes of Raw Umber and Prussian Blue Hue.

I hope you all enjoyed my post thank you for taking the time to look through please feel free to leave a comment. A list of all the products used are below.

Tando Creative :- Hearts Mega Pack small distressed heart, Andy Skinners Tagtastic tag used as a template, Tags size 7,8,9.
Deco Art:-  Chalk finish paints Relic, and EverlastingWeather woodmatt medium, Raw umber and prussian blue hue fluid acrylics.
Stampendous:- Mica fragments bronze.
Hannah Oxberry:- Rusty wire 

From my stash:- Handmade tissue paper (can use shop bought i just like using my own).  Pentart iron paste and rusting kit. Treasure gold.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Faux Rust week - with Nikki K

Hi all,

Today is my turn, and it's Rust Week.  Now this is my favourite subject.  I'm forever taking photo's of Rust, painting Rust, making anything I can look rusty, I'm even thinking the hallway could maybe get a little rust effect in the new decorating scheme when I start..

Today though I've taken a second hand book box, it's a tiny little thing from a charity shop, and added Tando elements to make it a lovely little storage for my atc's.

The book box was fabric with roses on, I forgot to take a pic before I started, but I gave it a coat of Silver and stamped scratches all over.

On top of this, layers of washes of colour were added and some heated until they bubbled.  

I added more colours until I achieved a depth I was happy with.  Antiquing cream in green was added around the edges and in certain places and rubbed back with a very slightly damp cloth.  

The components I used were from the Industrial Elements kit, cogs, washers and bolts and a book plate.  These were given one of two rust treatments, one was Pyrrole Red and Black Antiquing Cream, followed by Green Antiquing Cream, both rubbed back between layers.  I tried out embellishments at this stage as well before the gluing. 

The other on the book plate and bottom cog is my very simple Rust technique, of just two colours, Raw Umber and Pyrrole Orange, applied liberally and just smooshing together as you paint.  While wet, heat with a heat gun until it bubbles in parts.  The top two cogs were already embossed with a lovely embossing powder and I received them in a stash swap, so I just added a little Quin Gold in area's to add to the effect.

The whole book was assembled and I gave a sentiment a wash of Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide and added under the book plate.  I finished the spine of the book with some Chalk Paint.  A little Black Antiquing Cream was also rubbed over in areas on the spine and rubbed back for definition.

I'd like to say thank you to Hannah my team mate for inspiring me today, and a shout out to France Papillon also as just sitting next to her at the weekend had a calming and inspiring effect on me, I haven't stopped painting since I got home.. 

Hope you can check out my other team mates work this week, there are some awesome makes!

Best Wishes,

Nikki K.

Products Used:

Industrial Elements Kit - Tando Creative.
DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics : Metallic Silver, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Paynes Grey, Pyrrole Red, Pyrrole Orange, Sap Green.
DecoArt Media Antiquing Creams: Black, Green Patina.
DecoArt Media Ultra Matte Varnish.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Rusty Plaque


This week on the Tando Creative blog we are celebrating all thing rust.  Rust is one of my favourite techniques when creating mixed media projects and there are a variety of products and ways to achieve that particular look.  For my rust I used a range of Decoart media products to create my rusty plaque...

I started by using structure paste with the Tando Criss Cross stencil onto a large media board.  Then I added sand texture paste with my finger mostly around the edges and also small amounts in the centre.
Once this was all dry I painted it with metallic silver paint, then a wash of paynes grey and then a wash of quinacridone gold.  To create the rusty areas I used 3 shades of paint on top of the sand texture.  I tend to start with a yellow tone first (transparent yellow oxide), then a reddish brown (burnt sienna) and finally a dark brown (burnt umber) and used a stippling action with a stencil brush...

To add to the plaque I chose a mixture of grey board hearts, cogs, numbers and wings.  The largest cog, wing and word were coloured in the same way as the plaque.  The numbers and smaller cogs were painted with paynes grey and then a wash of quinacridone gold and finished with a little bit of gold gilding wax.  The hearts were painted with pyrole red then coated with crackle glaze and once dried finished again with gilding wax...

Once the main pieces had all been placed the sentiment from Visible Image was stamped onto card and coloured with some distress ink before also being added to the plaque...

The final touch was to add some rusty wire as a hanger.

Here are the products used...

* Media Board
* Cogs
* Hearts
* Imagine
* Wings
* Criss Cross Stencil
* Decoart Media Line

I am really looking forward to seeing the other rusty projects this week and hopefully trying some of the techniques out!

Happy crafting,

Jane xx

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Happy St Valentines Day x

Hello!  Its Valentine's week here in the UK and so I have brought you a heart...a big scribbly heart!!!

I have used the MDF Plaque with the matching greyboard piece from the *Mega Substrates Pack*.  (There are loads of goodies in this pack).  Working on the greyboard first I covered it with *Tinting Base* before adding some *Texture Paste* through the *Mini Mask* 

Then I painted some Primary Magenta over it.  I replaced the mask and added touches of Cobalt Teal Hue onto the dots, rubbing any bits of leftover paint around the rest of it.  Next came some *Crackle Glaze* over some of the dots which, when dry, were treated to some Antiquing Cream!  The heart was also painted in the Cobalt Teal with Crackle Glaze and Antiquing cream added afterwards.  The MDF base was treated the same way.

Trust the Magic of Love!!!!  Take care, Karen x

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Time to create: Anything goes week

Hello my dear crafty friends! Irit is here today.
Welcome to my second February Tando post and this time it was made for Anything goes week.
So I made this altered heart as my tribute to our mutual creativity.
For me it's always Time to create and this Tando creation is so easy and fun to make!

 The heart is one part of Tando printers tray, just one of three and it was used as the base for all other chipboard pieces.
Each and every chipboard piece was painted with DecoArt Crackle paint in the most random way: just add some paint here and there, don't try to cover the whole piece.
Then all acrylics were added over the paint splashes and the paint brushes and the sentiment was added to the finished piece.I used the negative of the sentiment only for this project.

I added paints in a kind " textured way"-using pallet knife or adding a lot of the paint as you can see from this close- up photo.

Tando products used:
 Time2 create
Time 2 Create
Mini Heart printers tray
Mini Heart Printer Tray

Paintbrushes and paint blobs
Paintbrushes and paint blobs

DecoArt Media line