Wednesday 21 December 2022

Gift tags

Good morning. Today I bring you a quick project you can make with all your left over Tando bits to make cute gift tags. 


Tando ATC coins, Hexagons oblongs

Stars from Ebay

White paint

PVA glue

Christmas napkins 

A iron

Sand paper


Begin by painting your shapes White. Once dry give one side a coat of PVA glue and leave to fry over night. 

Take your Christmas napkins and peel the layers apart until you have just the last printed layer. Carefully place it on your shape. 

Take a piece of grease proof paper and place it over the top. Take a hot iron and run it across the grease proof paper for a few minutes. This helps the napkin bond to the PVA glue. Once cool, sand the edges down. Ink if desired. 

Add them to your presents for a personal touch. 

This technique is very addictive. I have Christmas coasters, pot trivits and decorations all to match