Tuesday, 12 October 2021

i Heart U

This week its anything goes on the Tando blog and i wanted to show you how i use Tando elements as embellishments on other projects. My first love as a crafter is with Scrapbooking and here i show you how to decorate a scrapbook page.
Materials Used 
Tando flowers 
12 x 12 scrapbook card in navy blue 
12 x 12 scrapbook paper in blue geometric design 
12 x 12 pink spotty paper 
Floral scrapbook paper 
Scraps of patterned paper in pinks and blues to make hearts 
Posca pens 
Foam pads 

I began by drawing a large heart free hand on a piece of 12 x 12 greyboard. I then used this as a template and made two ore hearts in a blue and pink scrapbook paper. I trimmed each one no they nested together on top of each other.
I distress all the edges on the hearts before gluing the blue one to the greyboard and the greyboard to a piece of navy-blue scrapbook paper. Next, I took the pink heart on divided the back up into slices. I wanted a kind of geometric effect. I trimmed them slightly so I could see the blue heart showing thru. I recommend taking a photo at this point as when you come to stick them down, its turns into a big jigsaw puzzle!!! Once happy with the placement, I used foam pads to stick them down.
Next, I matted my photograph into the centre of the heart. I wanted the pic of my daughter Becca and her BFF, our 13-year-old Shih Tzu Koby to be the main focus. I took a pack of Tando hearts and coloured some in with Posca pens and covered some with patterned paper. I also coloured in some Tando flowers at the same time. I hand cut some paper hearts from scrap patterned paper and fussy cut a bunch of flowers from more patterned paper. I randomly began adding greyboard hearts and paper hearts all around the photo, framing it. I used foam pads and spare bits of greyboard to add depth to the hearts. Once happy, I added the greyboard flowers and the fussy cut paper flowers. I hand journaled with a fine black pen around everything. I wrote my journaling directly onto the heart to finish.
I hope I have inspired you to use your Tando pieces as embellishments on a bigger project like a scrapbook page Thanks Sarah

Monday, 11 October 2021

Circle Theme by Nicky Roussou

Hello creative people and welcome to my blog for the wonderful Tando-Creative.

This weeks theme is Circles and as I love a Printers Tray box so thought it would be great to make a small circle one.

I started by assembling the front which is super easy. and added a few plastic flowers from my stash. Then followed by a nice coat of Black Gesso

Once dried I added a layer of some Medium Grain Gel and some Stamperior Clear Crackle Paste randomly and then a coat of some brown cheap paint I have for my children lol 

Next was the butterflies ( I love wings as you will come to see)  These mini's worked amazing for this project as does the mini clocks. These are one of my favourites too.

These look amazing don't they? They had a coat of Medium Grain Gel and then painted in brown.

 I then wanted to try out some new paints I recently purchased, they are going to look great. 

How lovely is this! Its going to look even more amazing once we apply the next steps to get that rustic look. 

I watered down some brown oil based paint with some white spirits and applied all over.

I hope you have enjoyed this project as much as me!


Tando-Creative Butterlies
Cosmic Shimmer Paints
Stamperior Fragments
Brown Oil Based Paint

Woo! Halloween - by Kim

 Well, what a time to be creating my first piece for Tando Creative! Halloween!

The Gothic Arch with all its natural spookiness was an ideal place to start. I removed all the cut out panels and set them aside. To enhance its 3D-ness I staggered the layers to give it that down-in-the-dungeons look. Each layer was about 5mm higher than the one before. (My first idea was to make stones around the arch - hence the lines - they were not used)

I decided that every decent dungeon has a door, so I used one of the cutouts. To make the planks of the door I started from the centre line and measured 10mm spaces and marked pencil lines. Using the edge of a ruler I ran a small embossing stylus along the pencil line until I was happy with the line.

This was the time that I marked and cut out the coffin shaped window using a sharp craft knife - BE CAREFUL if you intend to do a window as the greyboard is tough and not easy to cut and craft knives are very sharp - this bit is not important and can be left out if you are not confident.

Next, I painted everything black and let it dry while I prepared the bits for inside.

From the Minis Halloween Mix pack I used the eyes from the pumpkins. while they were still in the frame (because they are easier to hold) I painted them with yellow then added a little Scarlet red to make them a little fierce. 

From the same pack I took the spider webs and painted them white. One I cut to fit the curve of the arch and the other was glued across the window in the door.

One of the small bats was painted black and lightly edged in white, with dotty eyes in Scarlet.

From Tando Creative Spiders Grab Bag I took the small spider, base coated in black, a little Burnt Orange over the top and some dots to make her pretty. 

 Before I glued the pieces in I painted the inside of the arches by lightly dry brushing, first Burnt Umber, then Burnt Orange.

The spooky mist is from a cotton face pad.

I then turned my attention to the outside. I needed to add a hinge to the door, this had to be done before the finishings. I used a strip of brown packing tape, but painters masking tape would work.

To hide the tape I applied Texture Sand Paste to the door frame (which is why I didn’t need the lines from earlier). This made a super, rocky surround. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before you carry on.

I re-basecoated the frame and hinge on the door with black before lightly brushing the frame texture with Burnt Umber, Burnt Orange, then very lightly with True Ochre.

I added nails to the door with Liquid Glass - these take quite a while to dry, too. But make sure they are properly cured before you continue.

I found a small key in my ephemera stash, drilled a tiny hole and glued it in. Then using True Ochre and Black Plum lightly dry brushed to texture the door, allowing the True Ochre to highlight the nails. 

I used a pumpkin from the Halloween Mix, painted in Tangerine with Scarlet stripes to finish the door.

Note: Before you glue on the door hinge, make sure the door fits the hole and opens easily because after it has been painted it might need adjusting! And don’t get bogged down with colours - whichever you have that is similar will do.)

I hope you are inspired to be spooky for Halloween!

I used these products:

Tando Creative:

    Gothic Arch

    Minis Halloween Mix

    Spiders Grab Bag

DecoArt Media:

    Texture Sand Paste

    Liquid Glass

DecoArt Colours as in the text

Sunday, 10 October 2021

Circles Techniques Journal by Art Angel

For this project i used,

 I love circles and you can often see them in my work so when they came up as a weekly theme i was in my element!! I decided to create some atc coins but wanted an effective way to display them. What better way than to mount them on to the front cover of a journal that i will look at daily!  I have used the techniques and tags journal as it is perfect alongside atcs both can be used to experiment and try out new ideas and products before moving on to a bigger substrate.

First i base coated four atc coins,, the journal and two tags from inside. I shall keep the rest of the tags for different techniques. I used DecoArt Americana Chalk Paint in Renaissance

I then sprayed one tag with Deco Art Media Shimmer mister in primary magenta, the other in violet, as i couldn't decide which colour i preferred. I heat set them and then tried the turquoise spray over the top. This is exactly what the technique journal was designed for!! I then added a 
Light touch of silver spray too! I was happy with how my tags were looking so repeated the same on  all four atcs and the journals front and back cover both inside and out.

I then used the Sinuosity stamp set from France Papillon with versamark sticky ink, stamping several broken circles and journalling circles on all surfaces, i sprinkled true white fine detail embossing powder over the inked designs, blowing away excess and heat set with a heat gun.

I went on to add texture paste through the rusted rivets stencil again by France Papillon and the  halftone circle stencil by Andy Skinner and waited for it to dry.

When dry, i added some Decoart Metallic Lustre Silver Spark to all edges and three of the washer pieces from Andy Skinner industrial elements. I mounted one of my atcs on one tag, the other three i layered up matching the embossed detail stamped on the front cover, and added the coloured washers as a final touch! 

I love the finished piece and i’m looking forward to filling it!!


Saturday, 9 October 2021

Circles by Bernadette Ball

 Good Morning Everyone!

My project this week has been a circle themed canvas.  I have had this 8" canvas in my cupboard for ages, wanting to use it but not wanting to ruin it.  I use the #useyourstash so much on Instagram - I need to start practising what I preach!! 

I didn't bother gessoing the canvas itself, and went straight on with the crackle paste through a circle stencil.  I took 3 greyboard circles from the circles grab bag https://www.tando-creative.co.uk/GRBBGCIRCS.html 

and gessoed them before adding the texture paste through the same stencil.  

I then used a combination of paint and sprays to colour the canvas and the greyboard circles using autumnal colours and finishing off with a bit of mica spray.

I then took a piece of ivory coloured card and added colour with the sprays I had used on the canvas and die cut some different sized circles.

Once I had die cut the circles I did some stamping using leaf rubber stamps and put a couple through my big shot in a leafy embossing folder.

Once I had decided where I was putting the circles, I took some mini clocks, https://www.tando-creative.co.uk/MNTGSCLCKS.html painted them with black gesso and added them to the piece.

Friday, 8 October 2021

Circles Mini Book Set

Hello, Sarah here with my first DT project made for the circle theme
When I received my box of Tando goodies as a new DT member I immediately knew what I wanted to do with the set of mini books. My father-in-law has a debilitating illness called Lewy Body dementia. He is slowly losing his memories and his mobility. I decided to make little photo albums for each of my three children and two grandchildren. These albums are the perfect size for his hands, not too heavy and he can flick through them to help with his memories.
I had a collection of papers made with a gelli plate. I embellished them with a circle themed stamp, then used wow bonding papers and foils to bring out the circles. On some of the other papers I stamped circles and on some I used textured paste thru a stencil. I coved all the covers and spines with my patterned papers. I coloured some of the thin circles with my posca pens and randomly added them to the covers.
I sanded down the edges once dry. I glued all three pieces to another piece of patterned paper to make the book shape. Once dry I punched two small holes in each spine
I gathered a collection of papers, scrapbook papers, recycled paper, graph paper etc to make my signature inserts. I trimmed them all to different sizes to give it a junk journal look.
I used a awl and punched holes into each signature before carefully stitching them through the spines
I placed just one signature of about 6 pages in each mini book but there is plenty of room on each spine for more signatures. I cut some rectangles of patterned paper and used them to cover the stitched spines. This gave the book a bit more flexibility for opening and closing the but gave the book nice chunky spines.
Once finished I tied the bundle together with a few ribbons and a heart embellishment
Materials 5 x Mini book sets with separate spine (pack 1) Extra thin greyboard circles Gelli plate prints, stamped pages and Wow foiled paper Black stazon ink Selection of papers and card for signatures Ribbon Posca pens Book binding thread Modge podge glue I hope you like my first project and have been inspired to have a go. Why not check out Tando's Book Cover board on Pinterest too