Wednesday, 8 December 2021


Scandi Style Christmas Tag - Bernadette Ball

Good Morning! I think I might have chosen the wrong colours for the December colour theme but I've gone with it and created a Scandi style greyboard tag.  This is the colour theme I used:

I used a size 10 tag, my favourite :) along with the largest of the set of 3 fir trees and a few of the mini snowflakes 

I started by painting the greyboard tag first with some white gesso then some light brown and grey paints. I dry brushed the lighter colour over the top. Once the paint was dry, I used the mini snowflake stencil with some white paint

I painted the largest of the 3 fir trees in the opposite way by using the lighter colours first and the darker colour dry brushed over the top 

I painted the snowflakes in grey and brown.  

I then glued the snowflakes and tree to the tag.  I glued the bottom of the tag to the stand of the fir tree, so it will stand up and tied some velvet ribbon through the tag hole.

I'll post some more photos on the Facebook Tando Creative Zone page and on Instagram with some close ups.

Happy Crafting,

Bernadette xx

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