Tuesday, 14 December 2021

Product Focus - Door hangers - by Kim

 How about these door hanging 'dog tags' for a quick Christmas (or any other time) present?

I've used Tando Creative's Door Hangers Style A, they are tough MDF hangers so should take any close attention the recipients should give them - well, for a while anyway.

I chose colours as near to the dogs' coats as I could remember. The background was a slip-slap combination of those colours. I checked on the internet for dog noses and used them as guides. Basecoated in black then added shiny highlights, first in grey then in white. Peggy's nose looked a little odd on its own so I added her tongue as well.

Lettering is in Burnt Umber and the hangers are edged in sponged on black.

And there we have a couple of quick presents for our furry friends. How about cat tags, or kids tags?


Vee Cassidy said...

These are great and a lot of fun. Vee xd

Anonymous said...

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