Thursday, 4 April 2013

Friends Arch

I made this arch for our quote theme this week:

I've painted the base of the ~{Wavy Gothic Arch}~ with a combination of Fresco and Eco Friendly paints and used the ~{Distorted Hive Mask}~ and ~{Sequin Waste Mask}~ to add details.

I painted a ~{Small Flourish 9}~ and some of the ~{Tando Mini Hearts}~ then added some details by smudging some contrasting paint with my finger and some of the sequin waste. The solid hearts had glossy accents then when everything was finished I added some white dots.

I've used stamps to create a focal point on the arch.

Kaz xxx


butterfly said...

Those birds are so cute... love these arches!
Alison x

Katherine said...

I love the colours and all the little dots around the edge...such a beautiful saying too :)

Dana Tatar said...

Super fun arch! I love the color palette and all the little white dots. Thanks for the inspiration! =)

LindaS said...

The colors and design is so beautiful.

ionabunny said...

So cute. Love the bright colours