Sunday, 4 October 2015

Faery Door with Lisa

Hello lovely Tando followers. As you may of noticed, this week we've been searching at the bottom of the garden looking for mystical creatures and their habitats, looking for faery doors in particular.

Here is what I found at the bottom of my garden...

My faery door was made from the Tando Gothic Arch Layered Frame. It comes in 5 layers plus the back. I layered all the arch pieces up to create a 3D arch but only used 3 layers for the door. 

I painted the number 5 from the Tando Arthur numbers in pink and added some metal embellishments for the door knob and hinge.

Here are the items I used...

Gothic Arch     Number Set - Arthur

Hope you like my take on the Faery Door challenge. You can link your entries via the Tando Website

You can find more details and images on my blog.

Thanks for popping by, toodles..... 

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Dee Adams said...

I just want to step through into the fairy kingdom!! x