Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Feel the heat

Hello, Joanne here again to show you what Carol and I have been up to - a little triple embossing! We chose this technique to see how the new white coated board stands up to some heat. Even fairly substantial chipboard can warp with repeated application of heat and UTEE is unforgiving stuff if you flex a piece to flatten it out. The cracked glass look is fine if that's what you wanted but sometimes you just want it flat and flawless!

Carol's used another one of the jigsaw pieces to make this beautiful textured piece.

Two layers of clear cosmic shimmer embossing crystals were melted and then topped off with two blues and a red tone UTEE, remelted and then stamped while still molten.

This makes me think of weathered metal or a carved semi-precious stone like lapis lazuli - just gorgeous! More details of the materials Carol used are available here on her blog if you would like them.

I decided to go for a masculine monochrome look and did some sponging over masks and some layered stamping on two of the wavy twinchies to make a focal point for a card. The larger black clock at the bottom was stamped on the top layer of UTEE and covered in detail black embossing powder which was then melted into the surface so it "floats" slightly.

I then heated again and pressed a smaller clock stamp in to give a textured impression. The jump rings and Dewdrops are embedded in the hot UTEE and I filled the spaces between the twinchies with some Rock Candy crackle paint after sticking them to some black card. Full details of the stamps and materials I used are here on my blog if anyone would like them.

I'm happy to report that the board performed well here, no warping and a nice flat surface to stick to the card.

Thanks for visiting today. Carol will be here on Thursday with another couple of projects using another product on the white coated board, hope you can join us then!


Caroline said...

Gorgeous! I love triple embossing.
Love the jigsaw piece Carol and I like the idea of adding two inchies together Joanne - lovely stuff...x

Anonymous said...

these are gorgeous! I love both of them!

Kaz said...

Fab projects girls. Good to see that the whiteboard is very durable!! xxx

Karen said...

Both absolutely gorgeous...thank you once again for showing us how durable this stuff is XXX

Karen said...

Both absolutely gorgeous...thank you once again for showing us how durable this stuff is XXX

Heavenly Anarchist said...

love the double stamping, it looks 3D!

Janice said...

Fabulous work girls, both so different, the chippie certainly stood up to the heat.

Sharon said...

This is fantastic work ladies.
I love the effects...x

Traceyr said...

Great samples there ladies. I didn't realise that you had put two of the chipboard shapes together Joanne to create that clock card.