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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Thursday and we're

"cracking up" today!! not literally, you understand - Today, Joanne and Carol are putting the white board thro' its paces with the fantastic viva croco crackling paint. This paint is exceptionally thick in consistancy and depending on how thick its layered depends on the deepness of the cracks it forms...

Joanne has created this gorgeous necklace..

The base is a wavy edged inchie which was coated with turquoise crocco and then to hi-light the cracks even more she has given the paint a coat of precious metal paint in blue Azure....pins were threaded with beads and left as "fidget" beads and secured to the bottom of the piece. A piece of pipe with cord threaded thro' finished off the piece. Gorgeous isn't it?

and Carol has used the jigsaw piece and created:-

I'll be honest here! this piece has had a fair amount of abuse, but, it hasn't shown any signs of being warped or mis-shaped in any way.....I first painted it and let it crack, then I decided to add some distress stickes, but, didn't like the effect so then re-painted you can tell the board doesn't let on at all!! The cracks were hi-lighted using a gold dauber. A moo card covered with textured metal created the centre piece and the watch pieces at the top finished it off.

We will both be back next week with some more new shapes and some more techniques - hope you'll join us Tuesday.


Sue said...

Well I love Joannes's pendant piece and Carol's jigsaw looks so metallic you could almost reach out and tap it.
super pieces girls.
Sue x

tracy said...

those are both really lovely-well done girls ;)

Karen said...

WOW...this stuff certainly takes a hammering doesn't it? Beautiful work girls XXX

Kaz said...

Gorgeous projects girls. I can also confirm that the whiteboard withstands all sorts of abuse!! You'd never know Carol! xx

Sharon said...

These are both beautiful. I really like the effect on the pendant...x

Gez said...

Gorgeous. :)

Janice said...

Fantastic. I love that pendant.