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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

New Releases

Some more new releases from us:

A pack of 5 scalloped banners with triangular overlays available in greyboard or white lined board. Each outer scalloped piece measure 120mm x 140mm

Double scalloped banner and overlay in sets of 3, available in both greyboard and white lined board.  The scalloped banner measures 165mm x 140mm.

Grab bag if stars, 14 pieces available in both greyboard and white lined.

Grab bag of hearts, again available in both boards.

Book plates, sets of 4 in 2 styles, each approx. 75mm x 75mm.

Mini set of book plates, in packs of 6 in 2 styles.  Each approx. 50mm x 50mm.

A birdcage and 2 birds with separate wings.  Birdcage measures approx. 57mm x 100mm.

A set of eight birds with separate wings and 8 branches in 2 styles.  Birds measure approx. 42mm x 22mm.

A set of 6 mini houses with fences, the houses range in size from approx. 30mm x 52mm to 50mm x 52mm.

Cat and Dog sets, available in large or small, the large sets are available in greyboard or white lined.  Paw size of the large set is approx. 57mm x 54mm and the paw size in the small set is approx. 29mm x 27mm.


Gez said...

FABULOUS new releases Di..xx
Especially the banners!

Karen said...

ooooo I love them all but especially the bookplates , banners & of course the cat set haha x

Angela said...

love them all, think you need to do a horse set, lol

Irit Shalom said...

One huge wow!OK- I need to finish everything I HAVE BEFORE i ask for those, so.. Bad for me, really bad..

Janice said...

Love the banner and the doggie bits!