Friday, 27 September 2013

Larger than Life

Here is Ruths take on this weeks theme of:- "Larger than Life"

" The only guidance for this week's challenge was bigger pieces rather than minis. Well, this take on a dream catcher measures 30" from top to bottom! Biggest thing I have ever done! I started with 3 sheets of 12x12 Tando chipboard, and two metal rings, 12" and 7" diameter. I used a couple of different star dies to cut the stars out of the card, and then painted them up to give them a good base coat.

Then I blinged them up, with mica (what else?!) and when that was dry, I used a star mask, with translucent embossing paste.  When that dries, it is amazing the effect it has on the paint and mica below.  It pulls the mica up into itself, and holds it in suspension, almost.

 had this silver furry ribbon in my stash, along with the beaded wire.  I glued the stars together, trapping the silver 'fur' in between the two layers, and then wound the excess round the rings.

 I then wound the beaded wire over the top of the fur, which will hold the tinsel in place, and also used it to create a hanging loop at the top

The smaller stars hanging from the bottom had the same treatment, but with slightly different colours.  When dry, they were glued together, trapping the end of the tinsel in between.  Ho hum, lilacs against a lilac wall!  Not sure it is showing up THAT well.

But, one (large) post-modern dream catcher!  (or a Christmas decoration, perhaps…)

Don't forget to pay a visit to Ruth's blog to see more of her creations.


roc said...

Wow..that's great!

Cocofolies said...

Very gorgeous Christmas Stars Ruth, thank you for sharing this shiny project with us ! Coco x