Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Blingy Baubles by Katy

What better for Christmas week than something creative to hang on the tree? These baubles are simple, cheap and effective - and if you don't want to hang them on the tree they made a great focal point for a fun 3D card design.

The chipboard shapes are covered in FlitterGlu (or similar gilding glue) and gilding flakes - apply the flake, press into the glue and then gently rub off the excess before using a rough sponge to burnish the surface. Repeat on the back and edge with Krylon pen for a neat finish.

A quick bit of gold trim and some jingle bells and you're done! Want a flatter finish for a card? A Tando mini star or snowflake instead of the bells would be just the job!

I used these gorgeous Tando Baubles.


Kaz said...

These are just gorgeous! x

Paula said...

do you apply glue to both sides and then into the flakes or do you do one side at a time??

Unknown said...

Paula I did one side at a time - hope that helps x