Monday, 13 March 2017

Anything goes week

Hello!  To kick start our 'Anything Goes' week I am excited to show you our new CUBBEYS!!!!  These are a range of little shadow boxes with or without apertures.  There are different sets to get and they all fit together!!!  I had  a lot of fun with these!  I used Starter Kit 1 and then a small add-on pack.

Because I wasn't going to heavily decorate the back panels I glued them together before painting.  When dry I glued the boxes together as seen.  Then I decorated some card to cover 3 of the apertures once I had planned what was going where.

To fill the boxes I chose to make some things which represent my love of crafting :D ...

...a little book for journaling , some wonky patchwork for my sewing, knitting, a teensy mixed media panel, a Tando *house* of course and some pencils for my love of drawing! I found a lovely quote from Albert Einstein to add which sort of sums it all up don't you think?

There are so many things that you can do with these *Cubbeys*.  What will you do?

Till next time, take care, Karen x

1 comment:

Dana Tatar said...

I love how you altered and filled this box Karen! Your fun-sized works of art are fantastic!