Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Week

It’s my turn today to share a little Easter make.  I was away, with limited craft supplies, so had to think about this one! 

I took one of Tando’s plastic tags, which are a fab material to work with, and take paint very well.  I coloured in a pale green first on one side, then stippled the whole tag with green gold.

I used hansa yellow medium next, and then stamped a leaf in diarylide yellow as a background all over.

Next I took a Nathalie Kalbach stencil from her ‘Marks’ stamp set, it comes free in the set.  It had some rough edged circles, which I love and thought they would work well.  I used primary magenta mixed with tinting base to lay some circles down.

I went back in with the same stencil, and cobalt teal hue mixed with tinting base again, and added more circles.

I then took a fine paintbrush, and added patterns to each circle, in opposite colours, to look like easter egg patterns. 

 My final step was to take a white acrylic pen, and ‘elongate’ the circles with scribbles, to make them more egg shaped.

 On top of that I added a few white spatters all across the tag in tinting base.

 And here is my Easter Tag!

Hope you like it.

Nikki K. xxx

Products Used:
DecoArt Fluid Media Acrylics: Green Gold, Diarylide Yellow, Hansa Yellow Medium, Cobalt Teal Hue, Primary Magenta, Media Tinting Base. 
Stampendous Nathalie Kalbach 'Marks' Stamp set (with free stencil).
Totally Tracy - leaf stamp from 'Vines of Love' (Email Di at Tando for stock availability). 

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