Thursday, 12 October 2017

Same But Different - Bound Heart Shrine

It's "Same but Different" week here on the Tando Creative blog. It is a brilliant way to get a wide varity of ideas when the base project is essentially the same!

My interpretation on the shrine features my favoured colours and techniques. I have detailed the processes below.

Begin by laying out your shrine pieces, I find it is often useful to put the piece togther just to get a sense of size and style. Take the shrine apart, and paint both sides in a base layer of Medium Grey.

Using washes of Paynes Grey and Quinacridone Gold, build layers of paint to create depth. Once the washes are dry, stamp your chosen design. For my shrine I have used stamps from Andy Skinners "Handle with Care" and "Toxic" sets. Seal the pieces using Decoupage Matte Glue.

Paint a thin layer of Crackle Glaze over each piece and allow to dry fully. The thin layer of glaze will produce a fine crackle. Coat the pieces in Carbon Black Antiquing Cream. Use a soft brush to ensure the cream gets in to all of the crackles. Buff away the excess, leaving cream only in the crackles. Seal with Matte Medium.

Repeat the same process for the back wall of the shrine, for added detail I have included a paper printable with an anatomical heart. Edge the piece with Carbon Black.

For the centre piece to the shrine, layer 3D Dimensional Effects paste on to a heart base. Be sure to include lots of texture! Once dry, paint in tonal red colours and dry brush in gold to highlight the texture. I have included rusty cogs too for added effect.

Now it's time to assemble the shrine. Fix the back piece to the base using Decoupage Matte Glue. 

Edge all the sides in gold to give definition and ensure all joins and tabs are also painted in keeping with the rest of the shrine.

Set the heart on foam pads to raise it from the back wall. Using holes punched either side, wrap rusty wire around the heart to finish.

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