Sunday, 22 July 2018

Anything Goes - Box with fabric

Hellooooooooo!  I am rounding up this 'anything goes' week with a *BOX* decorated with brightly coloured fabric!  The box itself is around 8x8inches square and about 2inches deep.....a really handy size for all sorts of things!  Its a great box for stash storage as well as for putting a gift in.  I have made up a few of these over the years now and this time I have added some internal storage!

The box kit comes with a grid for the top, some tic-tac-toe pieces and 10 rounded squares.  I have disgarded the play pieces and used the squares which I covered in fabric and put into the grid on the top of the box.  I added fabric to the sides of the lid with some daisy braid.

I also added fabric inside the lid and the bottom.  For the box insert I used 3 *SMALL CUBBBEYS* which were glued together and then wrapped in fabric with fabric in the bottoms.

I didn't glue them down in the box so that I can move them around.

Not sure what I will use the box for, probably beads!!!

Thank you for taking a look.  Please leave a comment as we love to hear from you , take care, Karen xxx

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Diane Warburton said...

Karen showing us yet again what fun and games we can have whilst crafting. The colours are so happy. You wouldn't need to store anything in it - just open it and smile! :-)