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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Using Tando Chipboard as a mask or stamp

Hi it's Kaz again and this time I've been using the Leaf Branch with 6 Leaves as both a mask and a stamp and have been assisted by my 11 year old niece Lucy.

We gave the chipboard a serious beating and finally, between us, we managed to break it, but not ruin it!

First I put it on a double journal page and sprayed it with Glimmer Mist over the top of acrylic paint. As you can see, the edges weren't perfect, but with the rest of the page completed it doesn't matter.

I then sprayed it straight afterwards onto another journal page with Glimmer Mists. The background paint for this one had been watered down and this made the mist image much sharper.

Next it was Lucy's turn and, at first, she had sprayed it underneath this, but didn't like it, so she painted the page again and then added lots of acrylic paint to the chipboard and stamped it.

You can see here that she's got some fab texture going on due to the thick layer of paint.

After this battering, the very corners of the leaves started to come away from the main chipboard, so we very carefully peeled away the top layer. We had to add a lot of sprays of water though, as it wasn't that keen on parting company!! Eventually we managed it and Lucy stuck the layers onto another painted card page to make some art with as the patterns and colours were lovely.

And after all the abuse it got, the chipboard is still in fab shape and can be used again!!!

Kaz xxxx


Di said...

Wow, you certainly gave the chippie a battering but what fantastic results from you both. I love the masking technique and the texture you created using it as a stamp is fantastic. xx

Karen said...

WOW!!!! would never have thought to use it as a stamp!!! You & Lucy certainly got a LOT out of this bit of chippie! XXX

Carol said...

what a fab idea to use the chippie as a mask - loving the pages Lucy did (assisted by you!! roflxx) well done to both of you xx

Angelnorth said...

Fab stuff and you got great mileage out of a single piece of chippie - way to go!

Traceyr said...

Well done Kaz and Lucy and what a lovely shaped piece of chipboard.


tracy said...

what fab results you both got there-well done girls :)

Caroline said...

Fab Kaz - such great ideas for using just one piece of chipboard.
Well done Lucy too....x