Monday, 21 April 2014

Free for All - Two frames with a single mask

Happy Easter everyone! We are having a 'Free For All' week, and that's a good opportunity for us to show off some awaiting works made with our Tando goodies that can not go in any other themed week. For me, I enjoyed playing with a unique mask, the Ocean Jellifish designed by Neil Walker. This endearing artist has made a large set of masks on Fishes and Ocean in particular, and some are really really fab... if you go here you will see all at a glance, and if you like water world and seascape you should not be disappointed! I love this mask (and the others, already on my loooong wishlist), I've also discovered that it is very versatile, allowing to create both gorgeous backgrounds but also very interesting and beautiful textures.  

I made two frames with this mask featuring the sea bed. To add texture on the edges, I tried two different techniques. The first frame is a plain canvas.

To decorate the edges, I used at first black Gesso to paint and prepare my canvas for the next layer. Then I took my mask and some Dreamwaver Crackle Paste mixed with a bit of remaining black Gesso, and applied the paste over different areas all around the frame, turning the mask if needed and using masking tape to maintain it in the good place. Let well dry. I next painted the whole canvas with several translucent paints (I used Acrylic Silk Glaze in African Jade, Bolivian Blue et Stargazer). Also added black paint again with a sponge to make the texture stand out... wiping out the excess. And last but not least, I used Treasure Gold Spanish Topaz to highlight the edges and the textured areas.
The background was also made with Ocean Jellifishfollowing the same process as the one used for my two last cards I showed you a few days ago (starting with a white silk card and playing with blue and black Dylusions ink, water and salt). The small translucent splatters you may see were done with Glossy Accents (at first I wanted to glue salt granules, but finally I removed them). I created my seascape by stamping the coral reef  at the bottom using black Stazon and two mermaids from a plate of four (love this design by klimt!). I also quickly stamped a small fish here and there with Brilliance inks (Starlite Silver, Pearlescent Poppy, et Rocket Red Gold) to complete the scene. I love the rendering... I mated the card on several coloured papers and affixed the panel in the middle of the canvas with strong glue.

Well I know, the shoe is ridiculous!!! But I had so much fun to play with this new fun VLVS stamp haha!! So I just imagined a stupid scenario where it had fallen on the seabed... and the curious mermaids got close to look at it! :) Well, I think it's not very important... I just wanted to show you the lovely texture this mask can produce, so don't look at the shoo if you don't like it!

Here's the second make. To make a change I had fun to alter a plain small red frame (21,5 x 16,5cm). 

At start I sanded the frame to remove varnish, then did the same application as above by gesso-ing in black the whole parts first. I sanded lightly some areas to let the red below pop a bit. I took my mask and some Grunge paste blended with a bit of remaining black Gesso and applied the mixture on the frame, proceeding by parts, and letting well dry each spot before doing another one very close. I used masking tape to maintain the mask in place. When totally dry, I recovered all textured parts with Studio multi-medium Gloss by Claudine Hellmuth. Next step was to paint over the whole frame using the same paints as previous, using more African Jade this time to accentuate the green shine. At each layer, I removed the paint over the textured areas with a baby wipe, the gloss medium acts as a resist and the final texture is fabulous! I also added Treasure Gold Copper to finish, both on the edges and on the texture... Love the shine and the final effect on this make thanks to this Neil's mask, hope you can realize how beautiful it can be even if very hard to render in photos!

Ocean Jellyfish
Neil Walker Mask - Ocean Jellyfish

Thank you for visiting especially today as we are on Easter Monday, have a wonderful day everyone with good chocolate!!!  :) Hugs Coco xxx


butterfly said...

Absolutely love the texture and layers on the frames - there's such depth and drama to the first one on the canvas... love it. And the shoe is such a fun touch - I love how that mermaid is looking at it!! Both wonderful creations, Coco.

Hope you're enjoying your chocolate too!
Alison x

Kaz said...

Lovely texture there Coco xx

Carol Plume said...

lovely frames Coco with so much going on…brill x