Monday, 4 March 2019

Colour theme for March - Brenda

This week we are working with the March colour theme which is a gorgeous palette of greens and teal. I decided to use one of the media boards from the shop.

Of course I also used my much loved DecoArt media fluid acrylics (available in the Tando store) and played with a new (to me) technique layering the acrylic paints and using water splatters to create the interesting results.

Process steps
1. Paint the media board with a thick coat of sap green, sprinkle with water droplets and leave it to sit for a minute. Start to heat the board but before the watery spots dry lay a piece of clean dry kitchen paper over it to absorb the water. It sucks up some of the paint that has mixed with the water and leaves these gorgeous splatter spots.

2. Repeat step one with a coat of cobalt teal hue. After you have lifted the paper and droplets sprinkle with water again and you get a variation of colour spots in the teal colour.

3. Now mix the lightest colour in the above palette using green gold and titanium white and repeat step 1 again. Here's where I hold my hand up and say I was so busy writing this post at the same time I forgot to heat the board (and take a photo) and laid the paper towel down lightly and pressed gently  and repeated with titanium white.

4. Take one of the Tando flowers with stems, soak it with water and when wet enough split it into three pieces. Rough up the flower petals and dry them again. Paint with acrylics, ink the tips of the petals with brown distress ink and flick with white.

I had the leaf die-cuts sitting on my desk and the flowers are from my supplies.

5. Cut a small piece of greyboard, paint it white and when dry add a remnant rub to create your focal title.

6. Sand the edges of the media board and blend the edges with brown distress ink and splatter some tiny drops of the colours used and dry.
Assemble everything together. 

The little flowers look amazing with so much texture and dimension.

I hope you like mytouch of early Spring in the colours and flower design.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx

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