Wednesday, 21 April 2021

Anything Goes Week with Jan

Hello, thanks for popping in to see what we are up to.  

I’d chosen to decorate one of the wonderful tags from the bundle-1 set ( but just sat there looking at it for so long that I decided to have a rummage in one of my 'Tando' boxes - don't judge me, i've been to a few Mixologies and always pick up lots of greyboard kits, don't tell me you don't do the same...šŸ˜…, anyway, I came across my mini reversible clock, I was so excited to decorate, 2 years ago! And it called to me, so a clock it was - good job it's 'anything goes' week isn't it šŸ˜†

I had lots of colour ideas but finally settled on black and white, and an 'Alice' theme. Guess what? I changed my mind! The black and white stayed, but I couldn't make 'Alice' work! However I'd asked Di for some Chess pieces (we'll come to that later, shhh, they aren't on general release yet...), and of course, with them being black and white they fitted perfectly. That's when my brain melted! If I was going to be using crackle glaze and Andy Skinner’s Resist Paste, I needed to do everything in reverse. So for a black 12(o'clock) background I need to first paint it white (so the white would show through the cracks to the black) and then the numbers '12' needed to be white (so they stood out) so had to be painted black first and the chess pieces needed to be contrasting to!!! Good grief! If you try this with any colours what-so-ever, I recommend a spreadsheet, a colour wheel and a large glass of wine to celebrate when you are done!  I'm really surprised how quickly it came together, and I hardly stuck my tongue out to concentrate at all...šŸ˜‚. I hope you like it šŸ‘

What I used:


Black Chalk Finish paint:

White Chalk Finish paint:

Resist Paste:

Crackle Glaze:

White Antiquing Cream:

Black Antiquing Cream:

You'll have to wait for the chess pieces I'm afraid...

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