Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Specimen File - Automobile Selection by Kim

 This neat ring file was designed for Tando by Fiona Randall - what a clever idea! A great way to display your favourite things. Of course, mine are cars …

I started with the cover. I cut sections from an old map and stuck them on the both outside and in. I cut them too big and used a sanding block to trim them to size. I covered the backs of the solid inserts with maps, too. I antiqued the edges with Distress Ink in sepia colour.

To make a nice contrast with the maps I covered the frames with kitchen foil - shiny side out. Lay the foil on the table, shiny side down, making sure there are no wrinkles. Apply a layer of PVA to the frames and lay them on the foil, press down to make sure of a good bond. (Like James Bond but smoother). Once the glue has set trim off the excess foil.

I used Alcohol Inks in random colours to jazz-up the foil. Let it dry.

I found some black and white photos of some super classic cars and glued them on the backs of the frames, making sure the picture was central. I also glued a piece of paper over the small window to write on later. Next I glued the assembled frame to the front of an insert page, and put them in the file in the desired order.

Once the pictures are in I glued a description on its facing page. I tore out a cloud shape in ordinary office paper, edged the tear with Distress Ink and wrote the description. In the small window I wrote the year for the car.

Inside front and back covers are sections from drawings I’ve done, again edged with Distress Ink.

I painted the outside spine with Lamp Black, avoiding the flexible hinges.

I added a title to the front cover and made an old-school steering wheel from a large cog wheel left over from Tando’s Industrial Elements pack. Painted with Burnt Umber for the wooden rim, Silver for the spokes, and black and silver for the screws and rivets. The centre is decorated with a T - for Tando, or … what car names begin with T?

Triumph, Tata, Talbot, Toyota, Tesla, TVR, Tatra, Trabant …

Thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy making your specimen file.


Tando Creative Specimen File

Alcohol Inks

Distress Inks

Kitchen foil

Any old map

DecoArt Colours

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