Friday, 30 September 2022

Puzzled? - by Kim

 I had plans for Tando's Jigsaw Puzzle kit - I was going to use photographs and ephemera and antiquing techniques ... but it didn't happen as I hoped, so I did this instead.

First, I wanted to have some 3D effects in the jigsaw for added interest. I put the puzzle together then separated it in to four sections of five pieces. I glued the sections to thick cardboard to get varying thicknesses. One had no extra cardboard, the next 1 layer, the next 2 layers, and the last 3 layers.

The backboard would normally frame the puzzle, but I spread the sections out to the corners leaving a space in the middle. I marked this space on the backboard. 

My idea was to be looking through the puzzle to a dark forest scene behind, so I painted the visible area (no point painting the rest) with Lamp Black, Burnt Orange, and White in a scumbled, blended manner. Then I painted on the bare tree branches in Lamp Black, highlighted with Zinc grey where the light catches them.

The puzzle sections are painted to look like falling autumnal leaves. I set out Lamp Black, Burnt Orange, Tangerine, and Primary Yellow on my pallet and used a slip-slop technique to create the effect. I started with the lighter colours near the centre, getting darker towards the corners.

Before I stuck the sections to the backboard I painted the edges black, and accentuated the joins in the puzzle pieces with black, too.

As a super contrast I used a set of Tando's Leaf Branch, Cut Out Leaves. I cut each leaf from the branch with a craft knife (very carefully!). 

I painted the front with Indian Turquoise, and the edges with black. I arranged them on the project and when I was pleased with the layout I stuck them on.

A great autumnal and Halloween picture to get you started on spooky season. I hope you enjoyed the project. Let us know how you get on.

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Tando Creative Jigsaw Puzzle Kit

Tando Creative Cut Out Leaves

DecoArt Americana various colours

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