Friday, 6 December 2019

Colour Theme Mini Book

Hi there, Celia here with November’s colour theme. These are my absolute favourite colours so it was a lot of fun making this little book. It’s my first Tando mini book and I’m now hooked!

I first chose my colours - I seem to have rather a lot of purple and turquoise so matching up the colours was easy!

I started off by gessoing the cover in white, just to get nice vibrant colours. Then I did a base coat of Cobolt Teal and stencilled the other colours randomly all over. I chose stencils with small designs to go with the tinyness of the book. I was going for a sort of colourful yet grungy look.

I used embossing powder on the book plate and made a little label with my alphabet stamps.

For the pages, I tore up some watercolour paper (15cm x 8cm) to get a nice rustic feel and folded them in half. I made 5 signatures and sewed them individually together.
Then I cut a piece of calico to  bind them together. I measured the spine (1.5 cm) and put glue thickly in a strip in the middle of the calico, then pushed the folded signatures into it. I had them held together with a clip and they stayed upright like that till they were dry.

Then I glued the fabric either side of the living hinge inside the cover, avoiding putting glue on the hinge.
I made a quick splashy paper to put on the inside.

There are some other methods of bookbinding on the blog and the website too. You can also get a mini book 'innis' set, which I forgot to order. It has some templates for the pages and so you can make concertina pages too.

I hope you like my colourful little book!

Celia x

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