Friday, 17 January 2020

Spray Inks or Paints week - Nikki K.

Morning all,

This week it's Spray inks or paints week.

I've gone for the paints approach, super quick and easy, and permanent!

Firstly get something like a cardboard box, or big box lid, to use as a 'spray booth'.  This avoids accidents or different colour curtains to when you started.

Then take a Mini book, and spray both sides and the covers, in paint, using the colours as follows:
Purple, do this all over until completely covered.
Shimmering Violet, spray but not covering completely.
Carbon Black, Add a few sprays over all area's, to look mottled.
Shimmering White, again, selective sprays to highlight the cover.
Shimmering Violet, over where you have sprayed white, this gives a galaxy effect and brightens where the white is.

Make sure you dry the book between each coat.  You can always add more paint at each stage if you need.

I used DecoArt Media Misters, but you can make your own paint sprays with a little acrylic paint, and water in a spray bottle.  The Media Misters are a permanent paint, and you can stamp and write over them after and no paint will come off or smudge like waterbased inks.

I also took some hessian string, and sprayed with purple, this made it the colour I wanted it to match the book.

The stars were painted silver, with a lot of paint, then heated to make the paint bubble.  When dry, I put a little purple spray on my craft mat, and watered down to coat the stars and let the silver show through.

Some sentiments and a sprig of lavender were added to the book to finish.

I will add some pages at some stage, you can do this by spraying your craft mat first with the purple or shimmering violet paint, then spray with water.  drop some A4 paper in the paint to colour, and scrunch it up then flatten and dry.  This makes great patterned paper.

I hope you like these ways of using sprays, it's also a super quick way of making something without having to paint everything by hand, and good if you need a project quickly.

The Media Misters are also one of my favourite paints, especially Shimmering White, as you can use it to knock back a project if it's too loud!

Best Wishes,

Nikki K.

Used: Tando Creative Mini Concertina Books.
Tando Mini Stars

Paints used:
DecoArt Media Misters
Purple, Shimmering Violet, Carbon Black, Shimmering White.

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