Monday, 14 May 2018

Anything goes week -Shabby Home Sign by Monika

Hi all!
It's Monika here with my new project. For 'anything goes week' I've decided to decorate this gorgeous HOME sign by Tando.


I've started with painting the base pieces with grey chalky finish paint. 

Then I've rubbed wax candle around the edges. 

Next  was a coat of white chalky paint. Once dry, using heat gun and sanding paper I've distressed the edges to create peeled paint effect.

I've chosen to decoupage the letters with printed napkin, but first I've primed them with white acrylic paint.

I've cut the napkin into smaller pieces

Don't forget to separate the layers, we're only using the top printed layer.

 Using decoupage glue I've applied a thin layer on each letter under and over the napkin, smoothing out the surface with brush.

Once  glue was fully dry, I've trimmed the excess around the edges with sanding paper


 I've also added two coats of  mat acrylic varnish on each of the letters.

Each letter was glued on the base, and they were connected with wire.
I've also aged the letters and plates with patina to add the worn out look.

I hope you've enjoyed my post. See you next time.


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Unknown said...

I love this Monika!

Monika Maksym said...

Thank You :)