Monday, 26 August 2019

Hochanda Monday

Hi, every Monday we are showcasing a piece that has been seen on Hochanda.  It could be an older piece or a newer piece...we will mix it up!!!!

Today I am showing you some little books that I made for a show last year when all the gorgeous MINI BOOKS were launched.  I don't think these have been blogged before which was very remiss of me.

So here we have 2 of the rounded end ones and 1 wrap round.

Although the curved end looks like it make it difficult to make the pages all you need to do is to draw around the cover.  Both this one and the Christmasy one have patterned paper pages with a light layer of tinting base.

This one I turned into a Post-It Note holder...just the right size!!!!! It would have had a pen or pencil included but I couldn't find one small enough in the time I had.

I hope you enjoyed this little look back, come again soon, Karen xxx

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