Thursday, 8 August 2019

Technique Tag Thursday - Collage Stamping - with Nikki Killinger

Hi all,

Sorry I couldn't do a live tonight, but hope you enjoy this easy technique tutorial.

You will need:

Your Tag.
Paper or Post it Notes
Flat Paintbrush.
3 paints that blend together, i.e: red, orange, yellow.  Blue, Green, Yellow.  Pink, lilac, purple...
Stamps of your choice, I would make these smallish stamps that can be cut out easily.
A varnish, or crackle glaze to finish.

Step 1.
First give your tag a base layer of White Gesso, Tinting Base or White Paint.
Then paint your tag, going across it, in a strip of the first (palest) colour.  While still wet, introduce the second (medium) colour, and then the third (darkest).  This gives you a 'sunset' or ombre/graduated finish.

Step 2.  Take a focal stamp, and position where you would like it.  Stamp onto your background, then onto a piece of paper and cut out.  Cover your image with the paper 'mask'.  A tip here, using Post It Notes is good for this technique, put the main part of your stamped image to the part where the sticky is (on the back), and then your mask will stick to your tag and be removable but easier to keep in position.

Step 3.  Stamp another image (or two or 3), around your original image on the tag, depending on what fits without overlapping.  Stamp these on to paper and cut out.

Step 4.  Place the paper over your images, and continue stamping.  Repeat the paper process if needed, until the whole tag is masked and stamped to your liking.

Step 5.  Remove the paper to reveal your Tag!  If you have any 'gaps' where the paper hasn't masked properly, you can take a fineliner and just 'fill in' where you think the lines should be.  You can also fill any spaces that are too empty with some doodles if you feel brave.

Complete your tag with a layer of Triple Thick Glaze, a Varnish, or Crackle Glaze for effect.  I used Crackle Glaze.

This is a simple technique that gets forgotten, but can give amazing results.  It's how I made the Ministry Team's Jacket's, and works brilliantly on fabric bags and Canvas too. 

Have fun and make up your own scenes!

Best Wishes,


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Fiona (anubis 1 ) said...

I love this technique Nikki and love my ministry jacket too xx