Friday, 9 November 2018

Colour theme week with Brenda

It's a colour theme this week and here is the gorgeous palette. Winter is definitely heading our way.

I created a canvas board and used one of the Tando acrylic media boards, a Tando snowflake, DecoArt media acrylics and Stampendous aged silver embossing enamel.

The canvas board went through a couple of transformations but to start off I partially and randomly painted some broad brush strokes of white gesso over the surface and dried it.
I took out a palette of  cadmium red hue, quinacridone magenta, cobalt turquoise, raw umber, carbon black, titan buff and titanium white media fluid acrylics to mix and make similar colours as those in the colour swatch above.
Mixing the light blue colour first I made a water wash on a gelli plate and laid the canvas board over it to soak up some of the colour. I spritzed the gelli plate with water over the remaining blue wash)  and dipped the board again. I took some of the colour our by dabbing with a paper towel.

I repeated by mixing the pink colour ....

And then I knocked it back a bit and made it more ethereal by dipping in a watery wash of gesso.

 I found a really old wood mounted Penny Black stamp with this really pretty snowflake. Take off the protective paper from one side of the acrylic and stamp it using black stazon ink.

Remove the paper from the other side and start painting the arms of each snowflake in silver, gold and pearl metallic paints. I think I chose quite a difficult image so it didn't go too well ..... but I took a little cloth and dabbed on some surgical spirits and was able to rub some of the messy edges away without scratching the surface.
This is the painted side ....

...... and how it looks ok on the other side.

Next using a stipple brush dab over titanium white, titan buff and prussian blue hue on the back of the acrylic, I also used a little burnt umber round the edges which gave me a little frame effect. We will cover all the paint we have already put on the snowflakes.

When we turn the acrylic panel over the snowflakes in all their glory are revealed in the dark sky.

Once I knew what this looked like I could get back to finishing the canvas board for it to sit on.
Take the cadmium red hue, quinacridone magenta, carbon black and burnt umber media fluid acrylics again and mix shades to match the darkest red on the colour palette at the top of the post. Mix it with glazing medium and paint it round the edges of the canva board and rub back again. It worked well but was looking quite grungy so I totally changed the image. You can see with aged silver embossing enamel and some stippled blue, plus some blue and pink splatters it changed quite considerably. But that's what we do isn't it - change direction and follow our muse?

An embossed star and a grungy word band ........

 and I was ready to assemble.

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx 

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Paper Profusion said...

Wonderfully ethereal Brenda!! A magical make, I can almost feel the ice effects. Thanks for sharing step by step. Nicola x