Wednesday, 20 October 2021

Product Focus - Greyboard Tags by Bernadette

Good Morning Friends!

Today I am posting a tag I've created as my product focus.  I love working with tags because I do like to be able to start and finish a project in one session if possible, and I find tags are a perfect way of doing this.  They can be small enough to complete in one evening and there isn't a large, intimidating space to cover.

Tando tags are perfect for me because of the different sizes available.  I find that they can withstand a fair bit of paint and ink too, especially if you are like me and change your mind about what you want to do with it part way through.  They are also a perfect way to use left over bits and pieces that you can't bear to throw away but don't really know what to do with them. 

For this project, I decided to use a size 10 tag I first covered the tag with some patterned paper left over from something else I had made.  The paper was a bit of an odd shape and didn't actually cover the whole tag because of the way I had previously cut it. I had to do a bit of patching up, but because it is such a busy design you can't really see it, unless you look really carefully ;)  

I then took the Tando NUMBERS long stencil and stencilled using some modelling paste. Once the modelling paste had dried, I did a bit of random spritzing over the numbers with a silvery coloured mica spray and blended some black ink around the edges.

I then covered a smaller rectangle of card (it was actually a thick tag from a jumper I had bought) with a similar patterned paper and used the same process to add the numbers

From my scrap box I chose a couple of bits of paper I thought looked good with what I had already done. I added some black ink around the edges and and glued them to the tag.

I decided to put the rectangle with the numbers close to the numbers on the tag because I liked the layered look of them together and the offset repetition of the numbers.

I added a couple of diecut leaves and small photo which I had edged with black ink.  I had put the leaves through my diecutting machine in a foilage design embossing folder to add some texture.

Lastly, I took one of the hearts from the Tando hearts grab bag  I painted this with a dark red paint and added some black ink around the edge to make it pop from the main design.  I didn't want to add weight with a metal key, but I wanted the key to have a metallic look so I used the smallest of the keys from the Tando set of 5 keys  I painted the key black with some gesso then added a little bit of silver paint just using my finger to tap it on rather than cover the whole thing.

I hope you have enjoyed reading how I made this tag and give it a try if, like me, you want to complete a project in one crafting session.  

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