Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Faux Fabric - Brenda

It's faux fabric week and I struggled to think what I could do when I remembered I had a faux linen texture paint effect in my little technique book. Out it came and eh voila a new binder was created with the linen effect on both the outside and inside covers. 
Once it was finished like this it is much easier to see close up and difficult to photo.

I wanted to keep this rather shabby looking so I used both Titanium White and Titan Buff Premium Acrylics with Traditions Glazing Medium. I mixed Titan Buff first 50/50 with the glazing medium and painted sections vertically then took a dry brush and gently pulled the bristles in the same direction wiping the paint off on the kitchen roll between each swipe. I dried it and them mixed the Titanium White in with what was left over, added a bit more glazing medium and repeated the process only this time painting in the horizontal direction

It wasn't easy to capture the effect on camera being a dull day, but here is stage 1 ........

.... and then stage 2.

I think my practice piece gives you a better idea of what the effect looks like.

Next I glued on some magnets for keeping the binder flap closed and added some texture with these Tando stencils and DecoArt White Modeling Paste.

When it was dry I spritzed on some water, dipped a small paint brush in cobalt teal hue and dabbled it around spritzing a bit more and dried it. Then I mixed some raw umber with water in a mini mister and sprayed some of that over and dried it.

I gathered some embellishments and painted the chipboards white and then adhered them to the covers adding all the embellishments .......

...... before having some fun with gesso and mixing my own paint sprays in cerulean blue, prussian blue hue and titanium white media acrylics. I finished off with white and burnt umber splatters and some remnant rubs.

If you were given the challenge 'faux fabric' what would you have made? Comments below please. :o) 

Thanks for stopping by.

hugs Brenda xxx


Gina said...

Lol...I'd probably ave cheated, by pressing hessian or kitchen paper onto wet gesso. Absolutely stunning work Brenda(and I will be trying this technique) :D XXX

Nikki Acton said...

Stunning design! Nx

pearshapedcrafting said...

It's fabulous Brenda - faux fabric and wonderful texture - a real treat! Chrisx