Wednesday 3 November 2021

November Kit of the Month - Zoë Sanderson

Good Morning,  Today I'm sharing my first Kit of the Month project.   Let me say right off that my process usually means that the finished result will be a surprise to me when completed.    Such was the case with this project, Mini Trinket Box/Book Trio with Shelf Unit and this month's colours appealed to me although my greens are bolder than those on the colour board.

So the starting point was the first of the book boxes.  There are 3 of these each a strip of Tando Chipboard with curving sections and flat sections.   Slots have been precision laser cut for the box walls to slot into.  There are 8 box walls 4 with right angle corners and 4 with 2 curved corners to support the covers.   All the elements given a coat of gesso on both sides.

Out came my pots of DecoArt acrylic paints.  Magenta mixed with white created the pink other parts painted black with an overcoat of Magenta Interference.   The box walls were painted in the same colour scheme pink for the inside and black for the outside.   Then I decided that the pink was well just too pink, so a coat of unaltered Magenta was applied.

For the outside Magenta and Black with Interference like the inside.   Two Keys from Tando Mini Keys, carefully eased out of their carrier board and painted yellow.  Attached to the narrow flat sections, the end sections form the box lids these were coated with DecoArt Crackle Glaze and left to dry.  Next day Treasury gold rubbed over glazed section.

The close up shows the detail of the crackle glaze.   The gilding polish was also roughly spread over all the edges.

These are boxes and I wondered what to put in them, everyone will have their own ideas of how to use them.  As there are keys on this using some shell pearls, clear quartz chips and Mother of Pearl shapes became the treasure locked inside.  The surfaces that become the outer cover when the box is closed were stamped with an old, no longer available, stamp from my stash.  A piece of broken jewellery was suspended on the outside middle curving section.

The second book box was painted in basically the same way with green instead of magenta.  In my stash there are lots of Tando mini kits and grab bags these provided the various elements I used to decorate the inside.  Pictured here they have been painted and the layout tested, the brown is a mix of Violet and Yellow if you are wondering.

For the outer cover I used a stencil, some translucent embossing paste and green mica powder.   This is before the the paste had set.  Two little Tando people painted violet with a topcoat of violet interference were popped onto the narrow ends.

Another of my loves is texture so when the Tando pieces were attached to the box tops a thick layer of Gel Medium spread over the flap to hold the embellishments and create an uneven surface.

For the third and final book box the colour theme stayed green and black.  Did I mention that experiment is part of my process?  How would it work out if the crackle glaze were pushed through a stencil?   It worked jolly well the stencil, Tando Dotstream, clearly represented and the little air bubbles add more texture to it.   

The outside has been painted in the greens again then stamped with some images that came with a magazine.  We all have plates and plates of stamps projects like this are great to use them on.  The scallop shell has been stamped over a stamp of dots.   The dots reminded of a winning picture in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, the winning shot is a cloud of fish sperm released by lots of male fish clustered around a female who had just released her eggs.  The survival to adulthood of the fry is 1 in 1,000,000!  Having these dots representing that here seemed fitting.  The greybeard finally given a coat of Gel Medium and crushed glass sprinkled into the medium before it dried.

All the fish used in and on the 3rd book were painted with an orange colour that I mixed with a Primary Red and Primary Yellow from DecoArts.

Finally it was time to make up the MDF precision cut shelf unit for the box books to sit on.   Once again the kit comes flat pack, and the elements painted with gesso before being glued together.  


In a previous post I pointed out that if you don't like the result you can always overpaint your project.  That happened to me here.  The shelf was going to have a yellow undercoat and then lots of Green, Violet and Magenta marks.  The stencil was used again with a crackle effect embossing paste.  When it was all dry it was not working.  Plan B then another old crackle medium from my stash which requires 3 days to set.  For 3 days then the shelf sat waiting for the magic to happen.

Once dry some resist paste touched over various areas and then black acrylic paint brushed all over.  Then it was wiped back with a baby wipe.  Popped some Violet Interference over the top, result a wonderful distressed looking shelf unit with lots of yummy texture.

As you can probably tell putting this kit altogether was great fun.  Everyone will have their own ideas about to how to decorate one of these I hope you will share yours with us on our Face Book Group.  We would love to see what you do.

Products used.


All other elements, mediums and stamps from my stash, many no longer available.  Use what you have to hand this chipboard takes a lot.

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