Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Kit Week - Large Whimsical Birds - by Kim

It's party season and Tando Creative's new Large Whimsical Birds are all dressed up and ready for a night in the barn!

I ventured in to unknown territory this time - no, not parties in a barn - decoupage! I rummaged through some old garden magazines and tore out lots pages with bright colours. I chose them for the colours, not necessarily the flowers. I stuck bits and pieces on the bird bodies to make pleasing combinations. Any magazine will do - just tear out colours and textures not whole pictures.

The legs got black and white stripy socks for contrast. I used DecoArt Fawn and Burnt Orange together on the wings to look a bit feathery.

I base coated the faces with Fawn, the large areas of the eyes with white, the centres with black. The eyelids are Fawn, the eyelashes are Black. 'Cheeky Bird' got a little blusher in a pale pink (Coral Shell with a dab of Calico Red) for her cheeks, and some Burnt Umber speckles. I also stuck the extra beak section on a bit skew-if so it looks like she is singing along to the music.

The feet and beaks are Primary Yellow. I lightly sponged some Burnt Orange on the feet to 'dirty them up'. For the shading on the beaks I used DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics, slightly watered down, first Diarylide Yellow then Cadmium Orange Hue

The background is Titanium White with Zinc blended up from the bottom in wispy strokes to give the impression of feathers laying on the barn floor - all being kicked up as they dance the night away! Some pastel coloured 'strobe lights' are sponged through the bubbles from the new Background and Flourish Stencils.

I glued the wings and legs to the back of the body. Stick your Party Birds on the background and they are ready to display. Make sure you pose them in their dancing actions!


Tando Creative Large Whimsical Birds Kit

DecoArt Americana Colours

DecoArt Media Fluid Acrylics

New Background and Flourish Stencils (Bubbles)


Vee Cassidy said...

These birds are awesome! Vee xx

Anonymous said...

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