Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Tagged and Grabbed - Zoë Sanderson

Passing my craft table yesterday morning after locking the back door some of the things on said table sparked an idea.   How about covering the surface of a Tando Tag with glue stick and then covering it with Mica powder.   Then I went to work.  Returning home this is what the idea turned into.

First the glue stick was pulled down the tag.   The effect is so textural and interesting, various Mica powders sprinkled over.  They settled in the nooks and crannies of the glue as well as on top making things even more interesting.  Before starting on the other elements I swiped a white Brilliance inked over the top concentrating of the areas that the glue did not stick to.  The more matt appearance of the ink off set against the sparkle creates even more depth.

The two half circle cogs, from Steampunk Parts, on the sides were given an application of gilding glue and when that was ready they were dipped into gilding flakes.  The flakes went everywhere so it took a while to clean the cogs up and I even ended up with gilded fingers.   Next a hanging bar from the Assorted Plaques kit, this was given a covering of gold gilding wax.

The butterflies from a Butterflies grab bag were painted with Starlight paints.  The flowers from Floral grab bag pressed into an embossing ink pad and coated with Stampendous thick Shabby embossing powder.  PVC glue stuck everything together.

The picture above taken this morning in natural light angled to show the sparkle of all the different mediums used.  The picture below, taken moments later, has the tag laid flat and so is a better representation of the colours used.

Next time I want to create a running water/waterfall effect this is how I will do it.  How would you use this technique?  we would love to see you work in our Facebook group.

Products used

Tando Tag size 10

Steampunk Parts 

Assorted Plaques kit,

Colouring mediums, glues and embossing powder from my stash.

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