Friday, 11 February 2022

Grungy Valentine Heart by Bernadette


Good Morning Everyone

My last Valentine make was a tag which was all pink and red - this one is very different.

I started with one of the large Tando distressed hearts There are 6 in a pack and they are a great size to work on, but lightweight and thin enough to add to a large piece or card, journal or canvas.  

The first thing I did was to gesso the heart using white gesso.  I then added some Tim Holtz collage paper which I tore into small pieces before sticking to the heart.  I wanted to seal the whole thing so I then added a layer of collage medium over the top.

I then took a stencil and added texture paste through it.  I used the All and Create stencil you can see in the background to the left because I didn't want a perfect heart shape for the look I wanted.  As soon as I added the texture paste through the stencil, I poured embossing powder over the top of it.  The embossing powder I used is a mixture of blue tones and metallic.  I let that dry completely for a couple of hours - drying time will depend on the texture paste you use.  

You need to make sure you add the embossing powder to the texture paste straight away, before the texture paste forms a skin and resists the powder.  Once the paste had dried, I melted the powder with a heat gun just as I would if I had sprinkled the powder onto an on inked stamped image. 

My next step was to add colour to the background to try to make the hearts pop.  Because the embossing powder I used had metallic flecks in it, I wanted the background to have a metallic look.  I used a brown and gold metallic paints and dabbed them onto the background with a small stencil brush.  I then took a turquoise coloured paint and added accents, again with a small stencil brush, here and there over the browns and metallic paints.

Once all the paint was dry, I took a black watercolour pencil and drew around the hearts.  I used a damp paint brush to smudge the pencil lines

I made the red background for something else but I quite like the heart and background together.

I'll be back soon with some of the new products Di is bringing to the store!!

Take care and enjoy your weekend.

Bernadette xxx


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