Thursday, 10 February 2022

Something you can hang - by Zoë Sanderson

 Hello, I had a little play earlier this week and took a few snaps along the way to share with you.

This is a side view of the finished piece, a resin piece on one of the Tando Plaques resting on a Tando Tag Stand.

Starting point

With something like this resin cast you need a strong background to show it off out then with the Black Gesso.  I've had this pot for years and expect it to go on for a long while.  It also goes on well and with a  well loaded brush one coat will be sufficient.

As the main piece of this is a phoenix a few flames in the background will look good.   An old stencil which had structure paste pushed through at the sides that the cast piece would not cover.   Then it was a wait until the paste had dried.  When it was ready the stencil went back on and magic mica rubbed over, in colours to match the main piece.

Then it was time to glue everything together I used silicon glue for a strong hold.  Then gave all the edges a covering of silver wax.  The greybeard just takes all these different mediums in its stride.

For the stand I just used some gold finishing paste applied all over care being taken the the slots do not become clogged.  And there it is something to stand on a shelf or with a ribbon or chain hang on a wall.

Products used

Tando Assorted Plaques

Tando Tag Stand

Everything else from my personal stash.

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Vee Cassidy said...

Stunning piece. Vee xx