Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Entropy - Zoë Sanderson

Entropy, what happens to a system if it is not maintained.  Generally thought of as an engineering term, but it applies equally to any system or process.  Entropy is the gradual breakdown of the system over time.  I'm not sure entropy ever ends the system just falls into disuse.

Industrial, Mechanical Breakdown, Steampunk all contributed to this project.  Truth is I just wanted to make & have a play in the craft room, things went from there.  Starting with a Tando large tag holder, and some gilding wax.

For me the best way of applying a full wax cost is with a cotton wipe especially with a solvent based polish like this one which will stain your fingers when applied directly by hand.  A wipe also makes it easier to really work the medium in and polish it.

Once satisfied with the base finish using a Studio Light stamp and some fine detail gold ep we given a decorative finish.

Next up a Tando door hanger (Style B) and elements from various grab bags etc.   The idea is to lay them out to establish the design.  Taking a photo is a good way of recording how your project is going to be laid out.

Liking all the shapes and layers time to get more mediums out and fussy them up.  The base hanger was given the same treatment at the arms of the holder.   Gilding wax, stamped and embossed.   The other bits and pieces were either given a coat of ArtDeco Modelling paste or a cost of silver gilding wax.  The modelling paste served not just to colour but also to add texture, which when it was dried was touched with more of the silver.

And assemble using a matt gel medium.    Not quite the same as the intended layout but .......

It didn't feel quite finished so a couple of moulded pieces were added, the skull is air dry clay the crown is resin.   With everything finally in place black distress ink worked round the edge and partially over the moulded additions.

This was a fun way to pass a Sunday afternoon.

Products Used

Tando Tag Stand.
Tando Steampunk Parts
Tando Grab Bag of Screws

Metallic Lustre - Silver

Distress Oxide - Black Soot

Everything else from my personal stash.

You know we have a Facebook Group don't you?  We would love to see some of your Tando based projects there.  It is also somewhere that you can find all sorts of inspiration, ask questions and generally discuss your crafty thoughts.

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