Friday, 11 March 2022

Art Doll Match Box


·         Tando Large matchbox deep with inserts

·         Pink acrylic paint

·         Green Leather

·         Beads

·         Handmade Tyvec Beads

·         Ribbon

·         Adheasive

·         Tando Cogs

·         Large plastic Dice

·         Selection of Gelli Printed papers

·         Sand paper

·         Modge podge

·         Tando ATC coins

·         Digital Art doll kit by ART TEA LIFE (etsy purchase)

·         Doodling pens



I began by painting my matchbox, cover and inserts in bright pink paint. I gave them a couple of coats and set aside to dry. 

Next, I took a selection of paper doll parts and borders I bought online. I had them printed using a laser printer so they would not run with all the glue. 

I covered the front and backs of the outside sleeve and inner draw with a vintage cream patterned paper. I then began by layering up the borders around the edges on both pieces. 

Next, I took some art doll images and created my front cover. I made it quite random and quirky


Once all was glued down as I wanted it, I gave it all a coat with modge podge.

For my dolls face, I took a Tando coin and painted it pink. Once dry I added a face and a floral head dress. I wanted the face to stand out, so I made some tyvec beads and added them to the face as a crown

Tyvec can be bought as A4 sheets online. But you can find tyvec in all wonderful places such as those white decorating suits and inside some padded envelopes. I used a old decorating suit.

Begin by painting squares of tyvec in acrylic paint. I chose colours to match my art dolls.

Once dry, cut the sheet into long triangles. Take a kebab stick and begin to wrap the triangle strip around it. Secure it with a dress pin. Take a heat tool and warm the bead, It will begin to melt, shrink and bubble, creating a very organic bead. I like to squeeze my bead up too to make different sizes 

Next I made 2 mini art journals from the inserts that come with the matchbox. I had already painted them pink but now I coved the outside covers in dictionary paper. I then ran ribbon across all the pieces on the inside (pink) and secured with double sided tape. I set aside to dry. 

For my pages I took a selection of gelli printed papers. I had about 10 pages per book. I trimmed them to 6” x 6”. I folded them all in half. I then glued each page to th right hand side of each previous page

I glued the outside pages to the covers with strong glue.

Once dry, I added I spine. I had to do this in too stages to allow the glue to dry between. I took some strips of leather I had. I glue it to one side of the cover. I did the same for the second book. I used clothes pegs to keep it secure. 

Once dry, I wrapped the leather over the spine and glued onto the back cover, again using pegs to secure and left over night again.

To finish I added more art doll images and borders. I also added beads and more tyvec beads to the ends of the ribbons.

Lastly I added feet to the box so it could stand up. I glued together little stacks of plastic dice.

I painted some tando cogs in gold paint and glitter and glued them to the dice. I then glued them to the bottom of the box 

I hope I have inspired you to try something new, try new colours and products and create something new

Sarah x

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