Saturday, 12 March 2022

Punch & Judy photo box - by Kim

 More blank boxes. This was originally going to be one box as a photo frame/box fitting for a Victorian family photograph - but it 'just growed'.

I used both the large shallow box and the large deep box. Let's start with the deep box.

I wanted a theatrical stage as my setting, so I marked out pelmet, curtains, tie-backs and stage. Using a very sharp craft knife I carefully cut out my shape. To add a little 3D effect I carved some additional texture into the edges of the drapery. I painted black all the surfaces that would end up inside the box, then glued the box together with PVA.

I painted the outside of the 'theatre' with a medium brown, then used Paynes Grey Fluid acrylic to add some shadows to the drapes. I also darkened the outline - like a vignette - with Paynes Grey so the detail would gradually fade away.

Once happy with the shading I outlined the drapes with Venetian Gold, to look more theatre like.

It was at this point, when looking for an appropriate photo, that the Punch & Judy idea struck.

So, back to my stash of leftovers. For the header board I used a piece of art board, the two wings (and other bits and pieces) are made from Tando Offcuts.

I base coated the header and wings with Primary Yellow, then dry brushed Scarlet, then Calico Red around the edges. I planned out the decoration very lightly in pencil - making sure the letters looked central.

I used Forest Green for the letters, with Venetian Gold embellishment to the 'thick' strokes. Then I added the brush stroke design in Calico Red, Titanium White, and Primary Blue. On the large strokes on the header I added gold. When painting the design on the wings I kept them side by side to make sure they matched. 

Next I added the gold coach line around the edge using a liner brush. I highlighted the line with a ruled line in black fine marker pen.

The drapes under the stage were cut from grey board, base coated in medium blue, Primary blue shadows and Blue Harbor highlights. A little gold for the tie-ups.

I glued the parts together with solvent based glue for a quick 'grab'. I made a couple of supports for the header board for extra support.

The second box is the shallow box. No cutting this time, just glue it together. Base coat with Titanium White (two coats). Then on one large side and two long edges I marked out the stripes for the canvas.

My stripes are 1cm, but to get them in the centre I started with a 0.5cm white stripe at the edge, this meant I finished the other edge with a white stripe, too. I painted the sides of the 'theatre' box to match the base.

The Calico Red stripes needed two coats. I used a No 4 liner brush to outline the sides of the stripes, then filled in with a small flat brush. To help the liner flow you can use a little 'extender' or 'flow medium' with the paint.

The base can be glued to the top if you like. Make sure it is centrally placed to look neat. To make the whole thing more stable I glued a spare mixed media board to the bottom, added a layer of DecoArt Texture Sand and some Mini Art Stones. When dry I used Burnt Orange and Moon Yellow stippled on to colour 'the beach'.

Select a suitable picture and place it in the 'theatre'. I found a picture of Punch & Judy, fussy cut round the edge, removed the faces and replaced them with my wife's and my faces, just for fun.


Tando Creative Blank boxes large deep and shallow

Tando Creative Offcuts

DecoArt Americana Colours, various

DecoArt Texture Sand

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